So much for the “David Lynch is a Republican” thing…

Posted October 23rd, 2012 by Veidt & filed under Movies.

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Oh David. One of the most gifted artists ever to walk the earth, and former self-professed libertarian,┬áDavid Lynch has decided to support Obama because of…anagrams, i guess? You can read his reasoning here.

You go ahead and vote for whoever you want to, sir. Doesn’t make Mulholland Drive any less of a masterwork. Doesn’t make me want a sequel to Fire Walk With Me any less. It does seem to call into question the value of celebrity endorsements, though…if Lynch can’t persuade me to do something, i don’t know that anyone could.

Speaking of Lynch, H&M’s new campaign with Lana Del Rey makes for the. BEST. AD. EVER. (IN. RECENT. MEMORY.)

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