New Veidt alt cosplay pin-up pics: Robin Rabbit

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Alt Cosplay Veidt  model Robin

Here’s new alt cosplay pics featuring Robin in a set that was a novel/good idea, at least in concept; a 90’s alternative look inspired by Jessica Rabbit. Dunno whether the execution lived up to that, but whatever…i liked some of these.

Robin Veidt alt cosplay superheroines

Getting a few questions as to what the Everyone Will Be Wearing Them In The Future short is going to be like? Will try to have a teaser/promo thing edited together this week that might offer some insight on what we’re hoping to do.

Alt  Cosplay models Robin Veidt

Click through to see the rest of the pics, if you’re over 18, and not troubled by nudity. Standard disclaimer: this shit is only intended for adults who wish to view it. If that’s not you, treat yourself to this little masterwork, instead.

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Can a trailer count as one of the best movies of the year? This one does…

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YouTube Preview Image

Back in January, Terrence Malick’s Knight of Cups was on my 10 things i’m most anticipating in 2014 list. That will definitely be carried over to 2015, but at least we got a trailer for it this year, and fuck is it gorgeous! Looks like Cobra scientists took DNA from Malick’s The Tree of Life, and combined it with samples from Only God Forgives, and Spring Breakers (three of the absolute best movies in recent memory), to create a Nietzschean uber-film.

This will debut at the Berlin Film Festival in February…no US release date, yet.

“Imagine if the hawks started working together.”

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YouTube Preview Image

Hannibal got shut out at the Golden Globes nominations, announced earlier this week…just like at the Emmys, back in August. So it’s nice to see a couple year-end best of lists (like here, here, and here) recognize it for what it is, the absolute best series of 2014.

What does the video/mood piece embedded above have to do with Hannibal? It’s purported to be a leaked, unreleased Nine Inch Nails track, It All Fades…whoever made it, though, i love it intensely. There’s a recurring shot in the video of a lone hawk, or some bird of prey, looming over the horizon, and i can’t watch it without thinking of Jonathan Tucker’s brilliant line from the season 2 episode, Futamono; the most perfect piece of dialogue i heard all year.

New Veidt alt cosplay pin-up pics: Violet Vigilante Kat

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Alt cosplay superheroine fetish

Here’s new alt cosplay pics featuring Kat in a set loosely inspired by DC’s Huntress. These go back to the Post-Human Pin-Up ebook shoots from like 2012, think one or two were actually used for the book…but i liked a few more of them,  so here you go.

Kat Veidt alt cosplay fetish

Haven’t been able to post for like a week, now, but think the issue’s been resolved? Hopefully for the forseeable? Not that i had anything important to say, or anything, but missed having the outlet to share shit like my limitless awe of the new Fury Road trailer, or recount how i lost like 3 lbs of water weight from tears alone, by watching Interstellar and the Sons of Anarchy finale, back to back.

Did want to get a bunch of sets up before the end of the year, and will be scrambling to do that.

Kat Veidt alt cosplay

Click through to see the rest of the images. Not if you’re under 18, or offended by skin, as there’s nudity, and these are intended only for adults. This is far better, though, and safe for all.

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Tried imagining Lana Del Rey singing a SPECTRE theme song, and i OD’d on bliss

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YouTube Preview Image

I’ve had a recurring dream at least a good 4 or 5 times over the last couple months, involving a Hot Topic store. It’s completely filled with Suicide Squad-themed movie clothes, toys, costumes, cosmetics, etc, except for one corner, which is all assorted, amazing Skyfall Lego sets. No idea what the significance is, but it’s always depressing as hell to wake up and realize none of that exists.

The big surprise for me at this morning’s James Bond 24 press conference is the film’s title: SPECTRE. So simple, perfect, ominous, and unexpected…remember reading about the rights mess regarding Bond’s arch-nemesis org (kinda similar to the Daleks and the BBC, only more contentious), and how this reunion was never going to happen. Hoping the legal-workaround Q Organization from Casino Royale and Quantum of Solace is revealed to have been an arm of SPECTRE.

Also, over Thanksgiving i ended up watching Skyfall, for like the 80th time, and Addams Family Values, simultaneously, and i finally realized how much Javier Bardem is channeling Raúl Juliá. It’s so obvious and awesome, but i never caught it before.

Also, also, this is still god-awesome:

YouTube Preview Image

Cinco post-mortem, and beyond

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Veidt Cinco alt cosplay

So the feedback on the Cinco ebook has been really positive, thank you for that. Thought the images were getting better with each new shoot, which is why i kept doing more, rather than wrapping it and getting the book out faster. Also, the distribution seems to have been almost painless, this time around, which is nice.

Was asked if there will be an expanded version of Cinco? i don’t know. There’s a ton of stuff that didn’t make it into the book, from the 18 shoots over the last 12 months…much of that i’m sure will end up on the site, or the bonus content. But i’d really rather branch out and focus on video for a bit. Been shooting video at some of the later shoots, practicing, and want to do more.

Started a new crowdfunding thing on Rockethub, to raise money to make a super low-budget, erotic-ish, alt cosplay short movie. The title, Everyone Will Be Wearing Them In The Future, is stolen from a great line in The Princess Bride, and the idea is to shoot quickly and have it available for download by February 14, 2015. How long of a short movie, and who all is involved, will be a function of  how much is raised, but if it at least hits its goal, pretty confident we can turn out something interesting.

Fully aware this is horrible timing for one of these, with Christmas only a couple weeks away…it’s just the way things worked out, with people asking for a way to get Cinco now, and me trying to get back to work on this before losing whatever momentum has built up over the last year. If it doesn’t work, it doesn’t work…

If this at least hits its goal, though, will try to make the most interesting little movie i possibly can, and will put together a companion ebook of still images from these video shoots, that will only be available through this campaign. Also, will make all the images from this companion book, and from Cinco, available in their full original resolution to backers. Ok, thanks. /pitch


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YouTube Preview Image

The Blacklist is gone ’til February, Gotham won’t be back until January, and i don’t think the new seasons of Hannibal, Silicon Valley, and Penny Dreadful even have premiere dates locked down, yet. Pretty much the only thing keeping me from visiting a certain awesome bridge in Pasadena has been the Ray Wise bits from Adult Swim’s Newsreaders.

Cinco out nows

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Kat Veidt Cinco alt cosplay fetish

About to start sending out Cinco to backers on the last 3 crowdfunding campaigns.

Not going to have reliable internets until getting home, tomorrow…so if i miss anyone tonight, apologies in advance. You will have it by end of day, Sunday.  Also, should have it up and available tomorrow on the etsy store,

*update* all 700-something have been sent out, and it’s already been downloaded over 250 times. If you didn’t get an email, or have any problems accessing it, do let me know. Thanks!

Go Watch this, yeah?

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YouTube Preview Image

This is the music video for Nothing’s Gonna Stop Us, by Blackout Cash. I share significant genetic ties to someone involved in this project, and it would mean the world if you’d check it.

Even if i weren’t blood-obliged to dig it, i’d still find the song enjoyable, and the video quite clever, so please do give it a shot, yeah?

New Veidt alt cosplay vixen pics: Christine in To The Wonder

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Veidt alt cosplay pics

Here’s new alt cosplay pics featuring Christine in a set inspired by DC’s Wonder Woman. Why a Wonder Woman set for Thanksgiving? Well, it is an American holiday, and she is basically wearing the U.S. flag…but mostly because these were on my desktop, ready to go, and i gots a plane to catch, that’s why.

Veidt alt cosplay fetish

Going home for Thanksgiving is good stuff. The pleasant illusion of being a kid, again, only with the power to fuck off and go your own way, at will.

However you end up spending it, i hope it’s worthwhile.

Veidt alt cosplay superheroines

Click through to see the rest of the pics. Some nudity in these, so if you’re under 18, or are particularly sensitive about bare skin, these are not for you; GO AWAY NOW. Nothing personal, you are more than welcome to return once you’re legal and/or resolve your issues. In the meantime, go here!

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