“Don’t you want to know how this ends?”

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Hannibal Yakimono V for Vendetta Mads Mikkelsen

Things observed in last night’s episode of Hannibal, Yakimono – the 7th of season 2 (spoilers): Hannibal is now officialy out-V-For-Vendetta-ing V himself. Not content with just manipulating every character in his orbit, he’s now gone uber-meta by setting a chain of events in motion that culminates in radically fucking over the series’ continuity.

Or maybe i’m just i’m just reading too much into his badge…

Hannibal V for Vendetta Visitor Yakimono

If that really was the end for Chilton, at least he went out in a more interesting way than getting eaten off-screen in Jamaica. Sorta saw that last bit with Miriam coming, when Hannibal did an uncanny imitation of the doctor, while knocking him out…this in no way lessened the intensity of the 60 minute ass-clenching exercise that was watching the episode.

Also, if Raúl Esparza is unemployed next year, between Hannibal and SVU’s uncertain futures, i hope to God something like Gotham, Constantine, or True Detective find a good use for him.

Watch Yakimono on nbc’s streaming site, here.

New Aphex Twin album on the horizon!!!

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YouTube Preview Image

(The video above is for Aphex Twin’s Windowlicker, directed by Chris Cunningham. It’s a perfect fusion of the visual and aural, and one of a small handful of artworks so exceptional, they justify the existence of the human race, and excuse any and all trespasses we’re alleged to have inflicted upon Gaia.)

Richard D. James, aka Aphex Twin, is a fascinating guy…he’s been described as, “the most inventive and influential figure in contemporary electronic music.” I think you could delete the electronic qualifier, and still have a true statement. Read his wikipedia page, see what he accomplished from an extremely young age, and you’ll have to conclude he was either an incomparable prodigy, or there was time travel involved.

This week on Kickstarter, a campaign went live offering for $16, a lossless digital rip of a long-thought to be lost double album recorded by James, under the name Caustic Window. This music dates back to at least 1994, and has never been publicly available. The how’s and why’s are a little dodgy – James has been known to actively spread misinformation, and the story given is a little overly-convoluted and suspect, but all that matters is the campaign surpassed it’s target within a day (with 29 days to go), and new Aphex Twin material is imminent! The only way this gets better is if Cunningham actually makes new videos out of it.

Rockethub crowdfunding campaign post-mortem

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Nori Veidt alt cosplay fetish

The crowdfunding campaign concluded early this morning, it performed really well, and will let us shoot some ambitious stuff through the summer. Definitely appreciate the support!

I’m sending out emails to backers right now, currently about halfway down the list…if you funded this campaign, and don’t have a message from me in your inbox or junk folder by like 11 tonight (california time), do make sure to yell at me.

We’re changing hosts this week, and once that’s done, will finish the new backers-only site and get that link out as soon as it’s working. Also, will have an update this month on the Anthem project from last year, with a site and a zine almost ready to go.

I have to go tie a cement block to my ankle, and jump in the pool because there’s no Blacklist on tonight, but once that’s done, i’ll get back to the emails. kthanksgodbless.

New Veidt alt cosplay vixen pics: Wonder Kat

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Kat Veidt alt cosplay fetish

Here’s new Veidt alt cosplay pics featuring Kat in a set inspired by DC’s other iconic sidekick, Wonder Girl. This is the fourteenth set to go up in 2014, think we’ve finally hit 1:1 parity, as we’re still in teh 14th week of 2014. In 2013, we averaged just over 1 new set each week…confident we’ll end up doing far better than that this year.

Kat Veidt alt cosplay cosploitation

These were shot for Post-Human Pin-Up, but don’t remember if any ended up being used? There’s a lot of new stuff coming once Cinco is finally out…the whole ebooks thing led to big backlogs of pics building up. Looking forward to a good stretch where that’s not going to be a concern, and we can get stuff up much faster…or in real time, for at least one upcoming shoot.

Kat Veidt alt cosplay nsfw

See the rest of the pics after the jump. Your call, no judgies if you opt out. If at all in doubt, just go here now.

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“Come from clay, return to clay…”

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Hannibal Futamono samurai armor Lady Murasaki

WOWOWOOWOW. In last night’s episode of Hannibal, Futamono, we got a shot of a samurai commander’s armor in Hannibal’s bedroom, the first reference in the series (unless i missed something?) to the criminally under-appreciated novel/film Hannibal Rising, and key figure in the character’s backstory, Lady Murasaki.

That this followed immediately on the heels of Mads Mikklesen uttering the words “census taker” pretty clearly indicates an attempt to generate bliss-induced strokes in Thomas Harris fans…Jesus, would love to know what Harris makes of this series, but per wikipedia he’s not done an interview since 1976?

Community G.I. Joe Scud

Also, i completely missed it the first time around, but there’s Scud: The Disposable Assassin making a cameo in the background of this week’s G.I. Joe cartoon episode of Community. Really highly recommended, can be streamed here if you haven’t seen it: does everything The Lego Movie does in 1/4th the time, and might actually do it better…

Quick thoughts on Captain America: The Winter Soldier

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Captain America: The Winter Soldier is definitely my favorite of the movies considered part of the Marvel cinematic universe. If we’re judging it against anything with a Marvel logo in front of it, i’d put it on par with X-Men: First Class: it’s really quite dope, and well worth your time and money.

Spoilers beyond this point…

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Tobacco’s Ultima II Massage leaks, is beyond outstanding

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Tobacco Ultima II Massage leaked

I didn’t post it, i’m not embedding it, have not downloaded it, dunno how long it will stay up, don’t even know if i should link to it…but if you search on youtube for “Tobacco Ultima II Massage Full Album” it’s been up since earlier today, a good month+ in advance of its May 13th scheduled release.

Why draw your attention to it? Because it’s FUCKING PHENOMENAL! My expectations were so high, and they were easily surpassed. Over the last couple hours i’ve listened to it, hiked to it, napped to it, watched the G.I. Joe episode of Community to it, and now it feels like we’re truly and properly bonded. Absolute highest possible recommendation i can give, cannot wait to have this on vinyl, and get further immersed.

New Robin alt cosplay pic set up in the bonus content section/Rockethub update

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Robin Veidt alt cosplay nsfw

There’s “new” alt cosplay pics up in the bonus content section, the thirteenth set to go up this year, featuring Robin in a Harley inspired costume. New is in quotes as these were actually shot awhile ago, but i never got around to posting them.

The Rockethub crowdfunding campaign has blown past the three stretch goals i put up for it. THANK YOU to everyone who’s funded it!! Not adding any additional goals/rewards, because fulfilling stuff already promised is going to keep me busy enough over the near term. Will just reiterate that we’re going to make the most we possibly can out of whatever is ultimately raised, and we’re already working on an expensive, alt-y interpretation of a fairly obscure character/costume i’ve loved forever, and always wanted to take a shot at:

Whirlwind classic costume

That’s Whirlwind, a Marvel evil mutant whose power is that he’s basically Looney Tunes’ Tasmanian Devil, but with chainsaws strapped to his wrists. I defy you to imagine a scenario where that wouldn’t be awesome, and will never, ever understand how this particular power set hasn’t resulted in a character at least as popular as Spider-Man.

So yeah, the Rockethub thing ends on April 7th. More pics up soon.

“Imagine if the hawks started working together…”

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Mads Mikkelsen Hannibal Mukozuke

Finally saw Mukozuke, the earthquake-preempted (in los angeles) episode of Hannibal on nbc’s streaming channel. Seriously the best thing i’ve seen all year, and you have no idea how much i want to buy a sink that bears an uncanny resemblance to Mads Mikkelsen, and fill it full of blood.

Watch the episode, even if you’re ideologically opposed to anything that is dope, and tell me someone didn’t pull a Serpentor with Tom Hardy and Joseph Gordon-Levitt’s dna to create Jonathan Tucker.

Promo for this Friday’s ep, Futamono, looks like it might actually be even better…

YouTube Preview Image

New Kat and Lyra alt cosplay pic set up now in the bonus content section

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Lyra Kat Veidt alt cosplay fetish

It’s just past 10pm Friday, i should be watching the 5th episode of Hannibal season 2…but no. We just had a 5.nothing earthquake in LA, and local networks have gone into breaking news mode, having utterly lost their shit over it. FFFFFFFFFFFFFFFffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffff.

So in lieu of those 60 minutes (minus ~15 for commercials) of bliss i’d been anticipating all week, just put up a new pic set in the bonus content section. Kat and Lyra in unmasked, the twelfth set to go up in 2014. If you’d like to get the bonus content, or help support more of this nonsense getting made, do consider backing our crowdfunding campaign, which will continue to run through the next nine days.

If you do that, or if you have, please include a mailing address, as we’ve hit a stretch goal where i’ll be sending out stuff to everyone who funded it. Passwords and links will be going out as soon as the campaign ends on april 7th…kthanksimgoingtogoboozeitandseeNoah.