New superheroine cosplay – Atom Eve from Invincible

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Atom Eve cosplay

New superheroine cosplay pics, these being inspired by Atom Eve from Robert Kirkman and Cory Walker’s Invincible. I’d loved the character’s design for awhile, but knew little about her as i just hadn’t been reading the Image Comics series. Picking up a few trade paperbacks last month remedied this, and gave me a new appreciation for this post-human ginger vixen.

Atom Eve

I’m far behind on things related to this site. I suck. Sorry. Had intended to put together a torrent of HD images and vids for those who’ve been kind enough to donate, but having tested it, i don’t know that it would work without enough initial seeders. Going to try an alternate fix, starting with this set. Will put images/outtakes/video up, then send a link to all donors i have an email for. Content will stay up for 2 days or so, after-wards. Please don’t share the link, as i’d like to keep this for those who’ve helped improve the site. Assuming it works, we’ll keep this going for awhile, at least.

Virginia Veidt cosplay

More stuff after the jump…

Atom Eve superheroine cosplay

Post-Human Entertainment

Atom Eve cosplay Veidt

Aside from her costume and hair, what’s dope about Samantha Eve Wilkens aka Atom Eve? She’s a capitalist and entrepreneur. Faced with a lack of cash to move in with her boyfriend, Invincible, she develops and implements a business plan offering superhero security services for paying clients. Which is probably exactly what would happen in reality. Can you imagine how valuable an actual superhuman would be?  Look at what the fucking Kardashians earn, and they don’t do anything. Amplify that by orders of magnitude, and you’ve got the potential income of a potent post-human, and that’s not even counting ancillaries like licensing, assuming they’ve got a marketable look.

It’s all a bit moot, though, as Eve’s powers basically make her walking alchemy. Couldn’t she just transmute some gold, platinum, or helium-3 ($40,000 an ounce!), and live prosperously ever after? Oh wait, that’s logic, not good storytelling. Nevermind. cosplay

Atom Eve cosplay

Virginia Veidt cosplay pic

It sucks that nobody’s done action figures for Invincible, as i’d kill for an Eve, a Dupli-Kate, and a couple others. Maybe if there’s a movie, an animated series, or at least a video game, someday? I know all three have been rumored.

Virginia Veidt Atom Eve

Post-Human entertainment

Atom Eve Invincible

Virginia Atom Eve

Virginia cosplay

Anyone see Taran Killam’s Brad Pitt impersonation on Saturday Night Live? I did, it’s stuck in me head, and now can’t see the word “invincible” without reading it as invincibleeeeh.

Atom Eve Invincible cosplay

superheroine cosplay pic

Virginia bottomless

Thanks Virginia! More stuff coming this week, and if you’ve donated, do be looking for an email from me. If you don’t have anything by tomorrow (Wednesday) afternoon, do feel free to send angry hate mail.

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10 Responses to “New superheroine cosplay – Atom Eve from Invincible”

Guest January 3rd, 2011 at 7:41 am

Atom Eve is a figurine of a comic book that children read, too.
I am definetely an open minded kinda guy, but you could have had the courtesy to put those pictures behind a content warning, so that xxx-blocking software can do it’s business. Instead of google doing it’s.

To the costume: You could math the physical requirement for the role, but I dislike the outfit. It’s pink. But that’s the only similiarity to the Atom Eve figure.

And since it’s a comic figure, I would try with different backgrounds that doesn’t look that garage-type and all. Something you would find in an invincible-issue.
And maybe even an overall-comic-style look (with a filter in paintshop, for example).
I guess that would raise the quality.

Sherry January 3rd, 2011 at 5:16 pm

I can’t argue with you on most of your points, but a.) while there are absolutely exceptions (i think i was 11 when i first read WATCHMEN), Invincible is not targeted to children (nor is this site), and b.) i don’t personally use net-nanny, or other content-blocking/censoring software, but the point has been raised before, and i absolutely did check to make sure Veidt shows up flagged for adult content. It does, at least on the one i looked at.

I don’t know that anything beyond a paywall might completely stop a determined child (even that doesn’t, as site rips and stolen content still leak all over), but i will make certain my site is updated on all applicable services.

Tim January 22nd, 2012 at 6:51 pm

Damn you look fucking HOT, glad to see you look like classic Eve and not the new fat Eve that stopped using her powers. Love it

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