New Superheroine Cosplay pics – Jessica as the Huntress

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Jessica Veidt Huntress cosplay

New cosplay pics, only a couple days late. Actually, this is kind of a record, as these were just shot a week ago. This is a first attempt at the Huntress, inspired by the great, c2e2 exclusive, giant Tonner action figure/doll of Helena Bertinelli’s superheroine alter-ego. The figure is up on the Tonner site, and of all the toys i’ve gotten this year, it might be my favorite. cosplay undressed

Jessica cosplay the Huntress

Huntress is one of the most interesting characters in comics, powered by Batman-esque rage and fury, yet able to maintain a sense of humor about herself. She started out as the vigilante daughter of Batman and Catwoman on an alternate Earth (also on the short lived but pretty good, Birds of Prey live action teeveeseries, on the wb/cw back in the early 00’s.) Her lineage may have been altered when she was mainstreamed into the DCU proper, but still maintains something of a father/daughter relationship with Bruce Wayne, constantly seeking his approval.

Huntress cosplay

More pics after the jump, jump-afterers.

Jessica cosplay the Huntress

Jessica cosplay

Huntress played a central role in Grant Morrison’s JLA, with key confrontations against the astoundingly fucking dope supervillain Prometheus during his two appearances through Morrison’s run (probably my favorite comic books not called Watchmen, V for Vendetta, or those 2 issues of Catwoman where she was naked for pretty much the entire time.) Huntress comes very close to killing Prometheus after he’s been incapacitated (Batman tricks him into copying the fighting skills of Stephen Hawking. It’s ever so brill.)

Sadly, the Justice League frowns on murder, so she gets kicked out, but winds up with Oracle, Black Canary, and Gail Simone, so things worked out for her.

Huntress superheroine cosplay

Jessica Veidt cosplay

Huntress is rumored to appear in Eidos’ upcoming video game sequel Batman: Arkham Asylum 2. If so, it’ll be fascinating to see what she ends up looking like.

Superheroine cosplay

Jessica Veidt Huntress cosplay

Yeah, we took a shot at the Huntress’ crossbow. It fires, but it’s still a work in progress.

Jessica superheroine cosplay cosplay undressed

Jessica Comic Book cosplay

Jessica comic book cosplay Jessica cosplay

Hoping to see Mattel announce a new figure of the Huntress in their DC Universe Classics line (maybe they’ll continue the naked variant trend they started w/ Cheetah), or a 13″ figure by DC Direct (hopefully with weapons, as the Tonner figure/doll has to get by on her looks.) cosplay undressed

Huntress Jessica cosplay

Jessica superheroine cosplay

Jessica Veidt sexy cosplay

Jessica cosplay


Jessica Huntress cosplay

Thanks Jessica for wearing it, even the stupid heavy cape.

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