Prometheus will be in Arkham Knight dlc? I’ll drink to that.

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Cee Veidt alt cosplay Prometheus

An intrepid pc gamer combing through Batman: Arkham Knight files has apparently discovered that DC supervillain Prometheus will actually make an appearance in the upcoming Season of Infamy dlc.

Prometheus was basically an evil Batman created by Grant Morrison during his JLA run, and one of my all-time favorite villains. He almost kills the entire Justice League in his first appearance, and his second fight against Batman culminates in the most perfect dual splash page i’ve ever seen.

Prometheus has been previously referenced in the Arkham series, and concept art for him made it into the original Arkham Asylum strategy guide.

New Veidt alt cosplay pics: Cat Eve (Part 3)

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Veidt alt cosplay superheroines
Here’s new alt cosplay pics featuring Eve in the third part of a set inspired by DC’s Catwoman. Because this week finally saw the release of Batman: Arkham Knight, and it seemed appropriate.

Eve Veidt alt cosplay fetish

I’m about 14 hours into Arkham Knight…haven’t beaten it, but am enjoying it immensely. Just looking at it is kind of intoxicating. Know it’s a heresy, and all, but the design of the game’s Gotham, and the sheer amount of overwhelming colors employed on the maps, kinda has me pining for another Joel Schumacher movie.

Veidt alt cosplay Catwoman fetish

Click through to see the rest of the images. Only if you’re over 18, and you actively want to view alt cosplay psuedo-art, with copious nudity, intended only for an adult audience. If that even remotely sounds like it might trigger or traumatize, LEAVE NOW! Go here, instead.

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Hannibal nbc cancelled bonsoir

This is going to hurt. A lot. Apparently nbc has cancelled Hannibal. We’re three episodes into the third season, and apparently they intend to continue running the rest of the series, thursdays at 10pm, through September 3rd. But that will be it, at least as far as nbc is concerned…

Bryan Fuller has American Gods coming to Starz next year, but sounds like he’s up to continue the series if another network wants to pick it up. Also sounds like obtaining the rights to Clarice Starling/Silence of the Lambs may have been a significant complication. If they can’t do another season, i’d so love to see them do a new Silence feature film, or some kind of Fire Walk With Me-ish cinematic conclusion to the series, if that’s even a remote possibility?

Dunno how to feel…Hannibal is objectively the single greatest artistic achievement in the history of the medium, but it’s never really drawn any kind of ratings, so it’s a bit of a miracle it lasted this long. On the other hand, if this is truly the end of Mads Mikkelsen as Dr. Lecter, then i kinda agree with Pope Francis: fuck absolutely everyone.

Either way, i’ll be at the beach, re-watching this on a loop, and fighting the urge to take a long walk into the pacific.

YouTube Preview Image

A three week late look at Midnighter #1!

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Midnighter 1 cover

Back in 2013, Grant Morrison managed to simultaneously kill off both Damian Wayne, and my interest in reading comics. Morrison remains my absolute favorite writer, and i’d ascribe to him a very respectable chunk of the credit for the kind of Batman-spawned superhero renaissance we’ve been living in, since his run on JLA. He’s an incomparable genius, i’m sure he had his reasons for offing the best Robin, but it felt so wrong that i tapped out on pretty much the entire medium.

Fortunately, a friend in the industry remembered my intense fondness for the Ellis and Millar/Quitely runs on The Authority,  and slipped me a copy of DC’s new Midnighter #1. Took a couple weeks to finally get around to reading it, really wasn’t expecting much, but it’s astoundingly dope! Steve Orlando manages to convey a massive amount of exposition, without ever letting it feel like exposition…haven’t seen back-story overload handled so skillfully since Rose relaunched Doctor Who. ACO’s art in the book is gorgeous and extraordinarily detailed; perfectly suited for a post-human war machine permanently existing on another plane of awareness.

The changes made to the character since his Authority-era all offer tantalizing possibilities for exploration in future stores…can’t wait to see Apollo turn up, and now that the ultimate Batman analogue exists in the DCU proper, that’s one long dreamt of confrontation that will hopefully be realized sooner than later. Phenomenal first issue, i’d urge you to give it a shot, and it feels kind of wonderful to be following a series, again, and anticipating a trip back to the comic store for something more than just action figures and statues.

New Veidt alt cosplay pin-up pics: Captain Ruby

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Ruby Veidt alt cosplay superheroine

Here’s new alt cosplay pics featuring Ruby in a set inspired by Marvel’s Captain America. Because what pairs better with post-human patriotism than shiny latex? Also, it was just flag day, over the weekend, and seemed appropriate.

Ruby Veidt alt cosplay latex

Finally caught up with a week’s worth of missed teevee…that shaved/shaped gyro meat cone of a torso thing on Hannibal may have set a new high water mark for haunting imagery. Also, Will Graham in the Palermo Cathedral, talking about his and Hannibal’s contrasting beliefs in God made me fucking giddy.

Sunday’s Silicon Valley finale might be the best episode of the series, so far…but if that’s seriously the last we see of Russ Hanneman, a good riot or two outside HBO’s Santa Monica offices would be completely justified.

Veidt alt cosplay superheroines latex

Click through to see the rest of the images. Only if you want to, of course…it’s not like i make anything on pageviews, so i honestly don’t care. If there’s a shred of doubt in your mind, treat yourself to something godlike, instead.

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Site begins emerging from cryo-sleep…

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Marnie Veidt alt cosplay superheroines

Staggering back after a solid, respectable, lost week…had some nonsense going on, couldn’t be helped, #findsomegauze.

Planning to be back in civilization sometime in the next 24 hours, hopefully in time for the Silicon Valley finale…will be sending out the last 5 alt cosplay sets to rockethub backers sometime early Monday, then have a new set up here, on the site, shortly thereafter. Kthanksgodblessbye.

Marnie Veidt alt cosplay fetish

New Veidt alt cosplay pin-up pics: Robin in Came Back Haunted

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Robin Veidt alt cosplay fetish

Here’s new alt cosplay pics featuring Robin in a tribute to Hannibal. I love a lot of teevee; stuff like 12 Monkeys, Silicon Valley, Penny Dreadful, The Flash, The Blacklist, Halt and Catch Fire, Odd Squad…all of them brilliant and addictive, but none of them actually worthy of being considered a peer of Hannibal. I don’t know if anything is.

Hannibal season 3 debuted last night, and the show has somehow come back even stronger. It never looked like anything else on television, and now it doesn’t sound like anything else: the episode entitled Antipasto featured haunting soundscapes worthy of Tom Fec or David Lynch. We also got a little bit of insight into Dr. Lecter’s head, via a series of gorgeous flashbacks with Eddie Izzard’s Abel Gideon, that included the best line of dialog in recent memory: “It’s only cannibalism if we’re equals.”

Robin Veidt alt cosplay superheroines

Screenrant has an interesting piece on the series’ creator Bryan Fuller, the status of the rights to The Silence of the Lambs, and the Clarice Starling character. God i hope they can get that sorted, would love to see them do the actual ending to Thomas Harris’ Hannibal novel…even if they sort of already have with Bedelia.

Also, if there’s a crowdfunding where i can donate my car and a kidney to help get at least one scene shot with Mads and Anthony Hopkins, i’ll happily do so. alt cosplay fetish

Click through to see the rest of the pics. Only if you’re over 18, and not bothered by nudity: these are intended only for an adult audience.

If that’s not you, or girls in rubber dresses aren’t your scene, no worries. Go watch a video about watching a movie in a cemetery, instead. I was there, it was a glorious night that i remember nothing about.

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Links/emails going out now

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Veidt alt cosplay fetish

Apologies for the delays, but emails are going out nows to backers of the Extrinsic crowdfunding that ended monday. $5-level backers are getting an additional set with Robin, $25-level are getting that, plus four other sets…and, assuming everything works, expect a link for another 5 sets on friday.

(If you’re got an email from me last night, please ignore those links, and use the ones that should be in your inbox tonight. Also, i do know there are broken links in the bonus content; re-uploading that stuff right now, should be fixed by the end of this week. Thanks.)

The Extrinsic crowdfunding campaign ended gloriously.

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Cee Veidt alt cosplay fetish

The Extrinsic veidt alt cosplay crowdfunding campaign ended up taking in almost twice its original goal, THANK YOU to everyone who supported it. I’m positively giddy at the prospect of joining the one comma club. Witness me!

Bear with me just a little bit longer to get the second round of emails out…many hours into a recovery attempt on some of the files missing on the bonus content, and still not done with that. Will have all that squared, and emails out tonight (6-2-15), by early evening-ish.

“You know…hope is a mistake.”

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The crowdfunding campaign on Rockethub is in its final day, ending in like 12 hours; monday morning, 4am la time/7am east coast.

THANK YOU to everyone who’s backed it, so far!! Will be putting the money to good use: very excited about the stuff that’s in progress/to be shot in June.