New alt cosplay vixen pics: Neon Genesis Han

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Han Veidt alt cosplay vixen

Here’s new alt cosplay pics featuring Han in a set inspired by Rei Ayanami of the beloved anime series Neon Genesis Evangelion. These were shot awhile ago, for one of the books, but i don’t think they were used…i liked a couple of them, though, so here they are, the eleventh set to go up in 2014.

As pretty much all of these contain nudity, if you are under 18, or otherwise averse to skin, DO NOT PROCEED. If you are under 18, go here instead for something that could add 300 points to your SAT score.

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Final trailer for X-MEN: DAYS OF FUTURE PAST looks impossibly good

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YouTube Preview Image

This actually looks like it might have a shot at somehow being better than X-Men: First Class. Especially loving Fassbender’s no-look chump flinging at the 1:25 mark. May 23rd can’t get here fast enough.

Hannibal Lecter: Grammaton Cleric

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YouTube Preview Image

Was so happy to find this on youtube: my favorite moment from friday’s Hannibal. The scene goes on from there for a bit, but the important part is in there: the speed Hannibal displays at snapping out the light, and sprinting in to dodge bullets in the dark.

Also, watching the news is more fun when the guy the whole world is focused on bears a subtle yet undeniable resemblance to the star of your favorite show. (Utterly fucking insane photo-realistic Hannibal painting by Euclase.)

Vladimir Putin Mads Mikkelsen

New alt cosplay vixen pics: Team Veidt Kat

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Kat Veidt alt cosplay vixen

Here’s new alt cosplay vixen pics featuring Kat in a set entitled Team Veidt. I’m certain most of you know what character inspired this, what organization she’s a part of, and what nostalgia-rich cartoon/video game/ccg franchise she originated from, but we’re not going to mention any of that, yeah? I have no idea if actual kids are still interested in this franchise, but on the off chance they are, i don’t want any of this shit showing up in google image searches, or anything. Thanks.

These were shot pre-enhancement, and i think one was used in Post-Human Pin-Up. Now here are the rest…

Kat Veidt alt cosplay cosploitation

Been waiting forever for a live action film based on this material…Wes Anderson and Spike Jonze both made outstanding kid movies just a couple years ago, and the mind reels at the possibilities if either got their hands on these characters.

Kat Veidt alt cosplay naked

See the rest of the pics after the jump. These are for adults only, there is nudity, so if you are under 18, YOU MUST NOT CLICK THROUGH! Nothing personal, feel free to come back when you’re a state-certified grown-up. In the meantime, far better times can be had here, or by reading this, while listening to this.

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Please, please, please do Ozymandias next!!!!

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Rorschach action figure Watchmen

Had no idea this was coming…Play Arts Kai is launching a new line based on Zack Snyder’s Watchmen adaptation. First images of the initial offering, an amazing looking Rorschach, hit the onlineosphere this week.

Love the PAK Arkham series and Nolan trilogy figures i have, and can’t wait to have Rorschach fighting Bane on my desk…but God i hope they also release an Adrian Veidt figure before the line is quietly cancelled, and never mentioned again, like with Hot Toys.

A certain cameo from last night’s Arrow

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YouTube Preview Image

Last night’s Arrow featured Amanda Waller and her Suicide Squad, with a very brief appearance by (spoiler?) Harley Quinn. Well, technically it was  an unnamed blonde inmate at Belle Reve, who self-identifies as a therapist, and is voiced by Tara Strong…so draw your own conclusions.


Batman / True Detective opening credits mash-up

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YouTube Preview Image

The World’s Greatest True Detective is a quality piece of fan made video imagining the HBO series True Detective‘s signature opening credits featuring Batman characters.

If you can watch that, and not experience peyote grade visions of how nose-bleed-inducingly dope a Batman series on HBO might be, i feel for you. Then again, you’re spared the cruel realization that what we’re getting instead is a Jim Gordon-centric prequel on network teevee*, so i guess it’s a wash.

(* Hannibal might be the greatest series i’ve ever seen, and it runs on network teevee…it’s a massive outlier anomaly, but it does exist, so i’m still holding out hope for Gotham.)

New Rockethub crowdfunding campaign up now

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Robin Veidt alt cosplay cosploitation

So there’s a new crowdfunding campaign underway on Rockethub, that you can see here. It’s scheduled to run for just over the next three weeks. This is an attempt to raise funds to keep doing as many new alt cosplay pic sets and videos as we can. Also, there’s a couple costumes we really want to do, but certain elements and props are going to cost a bit to get done. Done well, though, these could be showpiece outfits worth taking on the road for events/cons/whatever.

The Cinco ebook is coming, if you ordered that during the last crowdfunding thing, or in this one, it will be going out before this campaign ends. Not going to do another cosplay ebook after that, anytime soon, just going to focus on making better stuff for the site, and finishing a few earlier projects that need to get resolved.

Everything that’s raised will go towards content for the site. I love capitalism, but this is very much a not-for-profit endeavor. And if we can raise enough, there’s other stuff i’d love to do like get a new camera, and possibly split some studio space somewhere in the vicinity of los angeles. Having dedicated space, even if it’s just for a couple months, could allow for set construction, live (and/or streamed) events, collaborations, and more frequent shoots / updates.

Also, working on a separate site for backers of this campaign. You can read about that on the campaign page…like the bonus content stuff (which new backers will also be getting access to), it’s intended as a way to say thank you for enabling this shit.

Ummmm…okay, thanks.