With just hours to go, a final appeal

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Veidt alt cosplay nsfw Kat

So we’re down to like 8 hours remaining on the rockethub crowdfunding campaign for my short video project, everyone will be wearing them in the FUTURE. It’s at 90-something% funded, very close, so if you haven’t backed it already, i’m going to bug you and ask you to back it one more time.

I think we’ve got some amazing shid planned out, and it will be worth your time and money.

I’ve put the full-size, non scaled or compressed, hd images from the Cinco ebook up now, and will be sending links for that out to everyone who backed the past Cinco campaigns, along with a link to the ewbwtitF campaign, on the off chance you’ve missed it. If this seems too much like spam to anyone, please let me know, and i’ll opt you out of any further mailings.

Also, i know some of the older links in the bonus content have been broken…trying to simplify things in there, while also transition some stuff over to a new site, but for nows, have re-uploaded the Post-Human Pin-Up and Cosplay Tetherball ebooks, and everything else should be working.

And to the backers of this new project, first off THANK YOU!! Your stuff (Cinco, bonus content, videos, whatever) will get sent out tonight, as soon as the campaign ends. And to any who generously backed it above the suggested $5/$12 levels, you are amazing, and we’ll be putting something together for you once the video shoots get underway.

New Veidt alt cosplay pin-up pics: katana-wielding Kat

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Alt Cosplay models Kat Veidt

Here’s the 52nd, and final, Veidt alt cosplay pic set of 2014, featuring Kat in a costume inspired by Baby Doll, the doomed hero of Zack Snyder’s underrated Sucker Punch. I thought it was underrated, anyway…but i also loved Snyder’s Watchmen and Man of Steel, so what do i know.

Kat alt superheroine cosplays

Was out of state, visiting family for Christmas, and found a Circle K with fountain Full Throttle. Kept going back, no less than twice every day. Wish there was an app for measuring blood caffeine content, because i’m confident i had the high score.

Rockstar or Monster on a fountain tap has been this impossible dream for so long, and while Full Throttle is no Rockstar or Monster (or NOS, for that matter), it’s still all you can drink energy drinks, and it was better than i ever imagined.

Kat Veidt alt cosplay superheroines

Click through to see the rest of the images. Only if you want to, of course. If at all in doubt, just go enjoy the absolute best track of 2014, here.

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New Veidt alt cosplay pics with Nori and Azalea in the bonus content

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Alt cosplay fetish Azalea Veidt

Saw this ribcage sweater, and for whatever reason, my mind immediately went to casual Bullseye. Something Bullseye might wear when there’s nothing to kill, but time. Shot it with Nori and Azalea (her first pics to go up here, but she was in Cinco), just added the pic set to the bonus content section.

Also, will have another set up later today.

Veidt alt cosplay models Nori

“everyone will be wearing them in the FUTURE” video

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Man, i normally gots no interest in promoting or drawing attention to this site, but with a week to go on the Everyone Will Be Wearing Them In The Future rockethub campaign, and currently only 65% of the target raised, prepare to see me attempt a hard sell over the next few days.

If we can hit the goal, the short movie will be shot next month, and get sent out to backers by Valentines Day, 2015.¬† Video embedded above isn’t really a teaser / trailer, as we obv haven’t started shooting yet, but does contain nudity, is nsfw, and only intended for adults. If you are under 18, or bothered by skin, don’t watch it.

New Veidt alt cosplay pics featuring Kat, up now in the bonus content

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Kat Veidt alt cosplay nsfw

Just added a new pic set up in the bonus content section, Kat going all bondage-y and fetish-y, because what else could be more appropriate at Christmas? Whatever, i really liked these…one or two might even rank amongst the best images this site has produced, for whatever that’s worth.

Happy ~2014th Birthday, Jesus!

Preemptive Nostalgia

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YouTube Preview Image

2005 was some kind of reality-warping nexus of awesome, and March was it’s epicenter. On March 11th, MTV2 debuted PFFR’s Wonder Showzen, a biting, bleak, and brutally subversive satire that was so far ahead of its time, even now i’m only just getting some of the punchlines. It would last only two seasons, for a total of 16 episodes, but it will live on forever in the hearts and minds of those who bore witness to the initial shock of its messy, disruptive birth.

Also early that March, Rose, the pilot for a relaunched Doctor Who series, featuring Christopher Eccleston as the Ninth incarnation of the rogue Time Lord, leaked via BitTorrent, prompting many (myself included) to try out the file-sharing system for the first time.

I’d never watched an episode of the earlier series, but was curious how bad this could be that Sci-Fi (pre-Syfy rebranding) would reject it, and ended up utterly loving it. Eccleston’s season would last 13 episodes, the final one arriving on June 18th…the same day Christopher Nolan’s Batman Begins had it’s initial midnight screenings. It’s weird little convergences like that nourish my faith in some kind of god.

YouTube Preview Image

And in a handful of weeks, it will be 10 years later from all of this. Everyone who was there can reflect on what it was like to live through such concentrated bliss, the ways the world has radically changed, since, and generally feel super-old (…that will only get worse in 2016, with 10 year marks for the likes of Casino Royale, Dexter, Torchwood, Crank, and Idiocracy.)

New Veidt alt pin-up pics: see Cee half dressed

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Cee Veidt alt cosplay fetish

Here’s new Veidt alt pin-up pics featuring Cee in a set where she’s basically wearing a top that was supposed to be for a Draculaura cosplay i’ve never finished, and that’s it. Because she looked good in it, that’s why. You’re welcome.

This is the 49th set to go up in 2014, and with 11 days left, pretty confident i’ll end up surpassing the 52 sets/year target, again…which is something of an accomplishment, as the site’s been down, or unavailable, for a at least 2 out of the last 12 months.

Alt Cosplay fetish models Cee Veidt

Huge THANK YOU to everyone who’s backed the Everyone Will Be Wearing Them In The Future project. Finally put together a logline for the short: “A mad genius plots to save humanity from impending apocalypses by harnessing the power of weaponized, fetishized love.”

Now i can recite that, instead of just shrugging and staring blankly, when someone asks what it’s about.

Veidt alt sexy cosplay models

Click through to see the rest of the pictures…but only if a.) you’re an adult, b.) you won’t be triggered or traumatized by nudity, and c.) you actually want to see them. If any of these prerequisites are in doubt, go here now.

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New Veidt alt cosplay pin-up pics: Robin Rabbit

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Alt Cosplay Veidt  model Robin

Here’s new alt cosplay pics featuring Robin in a set that was a novel/good idea, at least in concept; a 90’s alternative look inspired by Jessica Rabbit. Dunno whether the execution lived up to that, but whatever…i liked some of these.

Robin Veidt alt cosplay superheroines

Getting a few questions as to what the Everyone Will Be Wearing Them In The Future short is going to be like? Will try to have a teaser/promo thing edited together this week that might offer some insight on what we’re hoping to do.

Alt  Cosplay models Robin Veidt

Click through to see the rest of the pics, if you’re over 18, and not troubled by nudity. Standard disclaimer: this shit is only intended for adults who wish to view it. If that’s not you, treat yourself to this little masterwork, instead.

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Can a trailer count as one of the best movies of the year? This one does…

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YouTube Preview Image

Back in January, Terrence Malick’s Knight of Cups was on my 10 things i’m most anticipating in 2014 list. That will definitely be carried over to 2015, but at least we got a trailer for it this year, and fuck is it gorgeous! Looks like Cobra scientists took DNA from Malick’s The Tree of Life, and combined it with samples from Only God Forgives, and Spring Breakers (three of the absolute best movies in recent memory), to create a¬†Nietzschean uber-film.

This will debut at the Berlin Film Festival in February…no US release date, yet.