I’ve seen Ant-Man 2x. With a gun to my head, i honestly couldn’t tell you how it ends.

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I’ve seen Ant-Man twice now, but it just occurred to me that i have no fucking idea what happens to Yellowjacket at the end. Attributing this to Corey Stoll looking so distractingly like bald Hugh Jackman from Darren Aronofsky’s The Fountain, which history records as one of the apex artistic achievements of the Holocene Era.

The video embedded above is a pretty close approximation of what ran through my head any time Stoll showed up onscreen.

Don’t tell me what happened, it just gives me an excuse to go see it, again. Also, the movie deserves any and all money it can get for that Disintegration joke.

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Spectre trailer > everything else in 2015 (Fury Road and Hannibal excepted)

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Finally a full trailer for Sam Mendes’ SPECTRE. Lacks the intense arthouse atmosphere of the teaser, but it’s still insanely gorgeous, and extremely rewatchable.

Best totally unverified rumors i’ve heard all summer? Nicolas Winding Refn is at least being considered to take over where Mendes leaves off, and that Tame Impala is doing something on Refn’s next, The Neon Demon.

New Veidt alt cosplay pics: Kat and Ruby in An Indispensable Demographic

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Kat Veidt alt cosplay

New Veidt alt superheroine cosplay pics featuring Kat and Ruby, in alternate takes on Marvel’s heroic psychopath, Elektra. The Kat ones have been on my desktop for quite awhiles; i think they were Cosplay Tetherball outtakes. The Ruby ones probably grew out of my sad devotion to the Jennifer Garner version of the character.

Ruby Veidt alt cosplay

The other night, i laid down on the bow of a respectably-sized boat, and watched A.I. on my phone, under the stars. Between the ocean sounds and smells, the primal sensation of floating, and the cosmic void framing the film, it was impossibly Zen. Think i leveled up to nigh-Buddha status.

Best not to look me in the eyes, or your head may explode.

Veidt alt cosplay fetish

Click through to see the rest of the images. There’s boobs and such, so if you’re under 18, or troubled by bare skin, YOU MUST LEAVE NOW. Go here, and give it the awe it deserves…just disregard the bit about it being on Thursdays. Starting tonight, it will run on Saturday nights.

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“You will see me one more time if you do good. You will see me two more times if you do bad.”

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Veidt alt cosplay

Been asked for an update on the now 5 month late short video/movie Everyone Will Be Wearing Them In The Future. Here is that update: it’s not done. There have been complications. Walls have been hit. I am still working on this project, though, and it will be completed. Sooner than later.

So don’t want to get into it now, but will commit to ongoing, and more detailed, monthly updates, until a finished product is released. That will provide additional incentive to complete it faster, as there are few things i dread more than attempting to discuss/explain/rationalize/defend the stupid shit i make.

I’m truly sorry for the delays. And thank you for the interest and support that’s made any of this possible. New cosplay set getting put up right nows.

New Veidt alt cosplay superheroine pics: Eve in “The Chilling Sound of Your Doom!”

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Here’s new alt cosplay pics featuring Eve, in a set inspired by DC’s iconic emo supervillain, Mr. Freeze. This costume features lights, a working fan, and it definitely makes more of an impression in person. Was sorta planning on having someone wear it down at SDCC, before ultimately realizing i don’t have any badges.

Also, already went to the one SDCC-related thing i was invited to…mostly just drank to the point where i found replacing key song lyrics with the name Jai Courtney tremendously entertaining (try the Beastie Boys’ Brass Monkey. It works marvelously.)

So yeah, next con we can actually get in to, maybe you’ll see this walking around. Until then, here are some pics. alt cosplay superheroine fetish

Good, sweet Christ, last night’s episode of Hannibal. Words fail the feels…easily the most visually astounding thing i’ve seen since Only God Forgives, or Spring Breakers. I never stop marveling at the surreality of something so intensely brilliant airing on fucking nbc, of all places. Losing this show is really going to hurt in new and exciting ways. alt cosplay

Click through to see the rest of the images. Only if you’re over 18, and not bothered by skin; if that’s not you, LEAVE NOW. Go here instead, for something that will take you like 5 minutes to read…but if you’re lucky, it will haunt you for the rest of your life.

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New Veidt alt-y not cosplay pics: Cee Thru

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Cee Veidt alt cosplay Hannibal

Here’s a new pic set of Cee in the transparent rubber dress that pretty much everyone on the site has worn, by now. Why? Because it makes me think of the vinyl killsuit from Hannibal, which is looking more and more like it won’t be coming back…at least as a series. And because last night’s episode was the most beautiful thing i’ve seen, since the season two finale.

My God, those train sequences…worthy of Wes Anderson. And i humbly retract any shade thrown at Michael Pitt’s replacement, Joe Anderson.

Veidt alt cosplay models Cee

Earlier this week heard what may be the ending of season 3…if it’s true, FUCK ME IT’S BEYOND BRILLIANT. Do your best to avoid any spoils: if i could un-hear it, i would.

Also, there’s apparently been some talk of rebooting Dexter as a darker film series that hews more closely to Jeff Lindsay’s source material, inspired by what Bryan Fuller has done with the Thomas Harris books. Sounds amazing and all, but i’d also still like to see the Michael C. Hall series return at least once more, to get a less soul-crushingly depressing ending for that version of the character.

Veidt alt cosplay nsfw Cee

Click through to see the rest of the images. Only intended for an adult audience not bothered by skin…if that’s not you, well you probably don’t want click this, either. Was digging it, anyway, but then Mads Mikkelsen shows up with money guns, and me head exploded.

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Prometheus will be in Arkham Knight dlc? I’ll drink to that.

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Cee Veidt alt cosplay Prometheus

An intrepid pc gamer combing through Batman: Arkham Knight files has apparently discovered that DC supervillain Prometheus will actually make an appearance in the upcoming Season of Infamy dlc.

Prometheus was basically an evil Batman created by Grant Morrison during his JLA run, and one of my all-time favorite villains. He almost kills the entire Justice League in his first appearance, and his second fight against Batman culminates in the most perfect dual splash page i’ve ever seen.

Prometheus has been previously referenced in the Arkham series, and concept art for him made it into the original Arkham Asylum strategy guide.

New Veidt alt cosplay pics: Cat Eve (Part 3)

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Veidt alt cosplay superheroines
Here’s new alt cosplay pics featuring Eve in the third part of a set inspired by DC’s Catwoman. Because this week finally saw the release of Batman: Arkham Knight, and it seemed appropriate.

Eve Veidt alt cosplay fetish

I’m about 14 hours into Arkham Knight…haven’t beaten it, but am enjoying it immensely. Just looking at it is kind of intoxicating. Know it’s a heresy, and all, but the design of the game’s Gotham, and the sheer amount of overwhelming colors employed on the maps, kinda has me pining for another Joel Schumacher movie.

Veidt alt cosplay Catwoman fetish

Click through to see the rest of the images. Only if you’re over 18, and you actively want to view alt cosplay psuedo-art, with copious nudity, intended only for an adult audience. If that even remotely sounds like it might trigger or traumatize, LEAVE NOW! Go here, instead.

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Hannibal nbc cancelled bonsoir

This is going to hurt. A lot. Apparently nbc has cancelled Hannibal. We’re three episodes into the third season, and apparently they intend to continue running the rest of the series, thursdays at 10pm, through September 3rd. But that will be it, at least as far as nbc is concerned…

Bryan Fuller has American Gods coming to Starz next year, but sounds like he’s up to continue the series if another network wants to pick it up. Also sounds like obtaining the rights to Clarice Starling/Silence of the Lambs may have been a significant complication. If they can’t do another season, i’d so love to see them do a new Silence feature film, or some kind of Fire Walk With Me-ish cinematic conclusion to the series, if that’s even a remote possibility?

Dunno how to feel…Hannibal is objectively the single greatest artistic achievement in the history of the medium, but it’s never really drawn any kind of ratings, so it’s a bit of a miracle it lasted this long. On the other hand, if this is truly the end of Mads Mikkelsen as Dr. Lecter, then i kinda agree with Pope Francis: fuck absolutely everyone.

Either way, i’ll be at the beach, re-watching this on a loop, and fighting the urge to take a long walk into the pacific.

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