New Veidt alt cosplay vixen pics: Post-Human Intelligence Operative(s)

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Happy Age of Ultron day! If you wanted to see it, hopefully you have. I kinda loved it, quite a bit more than the first Avengers film. That was probably inevitable, given the addition of James Spader…but my Spader nut-hugging aside, found Ultron to be a far more interesting antagonist than Loki, on multiple levels. That last scene between Ultron and Vision, alone, is pretty much the best thing i’ve seen in a theater all year. Wish it could’ve gone on longer.

Also, battle-damaged Ultron has an uncanny resemblance to post-face Mason Verger, which is all sorts of endearing.

Anyway, here’s kind of a mix of Black Widow inspired alt cosplay shoots from over the last year, featuring Azalea, Leland, and Nori.

Veidt alt cosplay

This is kind of fascinating: Robert Downey Jr. states in an interview that he’d rather not do small, indie films, for what sound like perfectly valid reasons for a person who never needs to work again…prompting this article in response, that is essentially a fact-check of his opinion.

We now seem to be sprinting towards “the great Transgression of Preference” being a real thing. Yay, us.

Veidy alt cosplay superheroines

Click through to see the rest of the images. Only if you want to, you determine your own level of involvement. When in doubt, just go here, instead.

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Now a thing: Official final trailers

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YouTube Preview Image

This new Mad Max: Fury Road trailer is billed on youtube as the “Official Final Trailer.” Kinda suspect/hope that means there’ll be at least one more coming, just to fuck with everyone.

As one who’s been sold on this since last year’s first (and best) trailer, this drawn-out tease seems excessively cruel, but there’s only a couple weeks to go. Also, someone covered Tina Turner’s Beyond Thunderdome anthem We Don’t Need Another Hero on last night’s The Voice, prompting me to go on youtube and find this. Had no idea there was an actual music video for it, made infinitely awesomer by her performing in the Aunty Entity costume.

YouTube Preview Image


i believe in Jared Leto

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Jared Leto the Joker

Suicide Squad director David Ayer tweeted this first official image of Jared Leto as the Joker. Not what i envisioned, definitely a little jarring, at first (as the Joker should be), but i love it.

Will take two of the inevitable Hot Toys action figures…one to be awesome, and one to customize into a Joker / Alien hybrid. “Truth be told…i ain’t from this planet, y’all.

10/10 Would like to see teamed up with Michael Fassbender

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The shit-talking on Josh Trank’s upcoming Fantastic Four has been fierce, for awhile now…but i’ve actually ended up kinda liking the first two trailers. This new one, initially leaked over the weekend, gives a brief first glimpse of the new design for Doom, which looks ever-so-dope to me.

I want this to be good, and more importantly, i want it to make enough to launch an ongoing series…have heard that at least one scene in the new movie will make it explicit that this is tied into Fox’s X-Men universe.

I don’t even want to guess how much of my youth was blown on MvsC2, particularly on playing a team consisting of Dr. Doom, Magneto, and a sentinel. Personally, the prospect of seeing that realized in live-action is more exciting than Spider-Man entering the MCU.

Doom Fantastic Four

New Veidt alt cosplay vixen pics: Darkstalker Robin (part 1)

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Robin alt cosplay

Here’s new Veidt alt cosplay pics, featuring Robin in the first part of a set inspired by Morrigan Aensland, the ranking succubus from the classic Capcom Vampire Savior game series.

A couple of these were used in Cinco, but there were more that i liked, that didn’t make the book.

Robin Veidt alt cosplay

See the “ads” at the left, and top, of the page? Sometime over the next week, those should change, and will start pointing to something new. If you’ve enjoyed any of the nonsense this site has produced over the last couple years, you may want to watch for that.

Veidt alt cosplay nsfw Robin

Click through to see the rest of the images. There’s nudity in pretty much all of them, though, so if you are under 18, or at all bothered by bare skin, YOU MUST LEAVE NOW. Cool? Cool.

Leaving over here is definitely your best bet.

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First trailer for Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice is like Francis Dolarhyde…

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YouTube Preview Image

You owe it awe.

I don’t subscribe to the belief that you can, or should, use taste in corporate media products as a litmus test of compatibility with potential friends and associates…but if you srsly get no anticipatory excitement from this first trailer for Batman v Superman, we will never sit at the same table at lunch.

Amazing “Legacy” Trailer for Mad Max: Fury Road

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YouTube Preview Image

With the exception of Spectre, there is no movie i’m looking more forward to in 2015 than Mad Max: Fury Road. I’m incapable of being more sold on this. Still, i’m glad someone put in the time and effort to create this legacy spot, tying the new film to the series’ origins.

Good sweet Christ, when Junkie XL’s score kicks in at the 01:36 mark…it’s the best possible kind of overwhelming.

New Veidt alt cosplay pics: silver speedster Ruby

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Here’s some new Veidt alt cosplay pics featuring Ruby, in a set inspired by Days of Future Past‘s Quicksilver. My sister saw Age of Ultron, she’s got fairly impeccable taste, and she found it a superior work in all ways, save one…Ultron Quicksilver is no DoFP Quicksilver.

That was probably unavoidable, but was still sad to hear it.

Veidt alt cosplay fetish

Quick update on the everyone will be wearing them in the FUTURE alt cosplay video project: the location i was dying to use, where i thought we’d only get a couple hours, at most? Was able to secure it for 2 days, at the end of this month. Also, just finished the most expensive costume we’ve done, so far, with another one getting close to done. All of which could help make the end product be a little more ambitious and interesting than originally envisioned.

More on this soon, thanks for your interest and patience.

veidt alt cosplay fetish models

Click through to see the rest of the pics. Only if you actually want to, of course…you’ve got the entire internet to fuck off to, if you’re not feeling this. I’d recommend fucking off over to the best music video of 2015 (so far.)

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finally getting around to this…

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Alt Cosplay models Kat Veidt

Over the weekend, starting friday, will be sending out the full size, hd images from the Cinco ebook to everyone who backed one of the Cinco-related rockethub crowdfunding campaigns.

If you backed one of those, and don’t have an email from me in your inbox/junk folder by sunday afternoon, do feel free to yell at me.

“Otter eyes”, “Green to red”, “Twelve’s not primary”, and other relevant Goines-isms

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YouTube Preview Image

Last week on 12 Monkeys, it was revealed that James Cole is 33, the same age as Jesus at the Passion, and that as a child, he watched his parent get gunned down in an alley, right in front of him, Bruce Wayne style, before finally giving him a full-on Time Lord regeneration. It’s a tribute to the impossible quality of the series that somehow none of this comes off as trying too hard.

This Friday at 9, Syfy will air Arms of Mine, the 13th (and final) episode of 12 Monkeys’ first season. It may lack the visual power of Terry Gilliam’s original film, but as tug-of-wars between the past and the future go, think i’ve come to love this series more than Rian Johnson’s great Looper. I’ll be devastated to see it end, and the wait for season 2 is sure to be interminable.

Also, this remains the best series promo i’ve seen since somebody decided to pair Mads Mikkelsen with How to Destroy Angels, for Hannibal season 1.

YouTube Preview Image