New alt pin-up pics: Gloomy Ruby

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Ruby Veidt alt cosplay fetish

Here’s some new alt-ish pics featuring Ruby in a plush Gloomy Bear hat. Why a Gloomy Bear hat? Well, in addition to my natural inclination to love any children’s toy based on a character that regularly eats people, i’ve been trying to get one of these forever, because i can’t look at it without thinking of The Avengers (the 1998 one.)

Really don’t care if nobody else likes it, i’ve seen that movie well over a hundred times. It is concentrated bliss, and i revere it.

Alt Cosplay models Ruby Veidt

Just saw this site on a tweet from sonic Jesus Tobacco; have not laughed that hard in some time. This is brilliant! This, this, and this are also all total champs.

Alt Cosplay fetish Ruby Veidt

Click through to see the rest of the images, if you’re so inclined. No one’s twisting your arm, or anything, man. I’m just as happy if you go see something beautiful over here.

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Cinco: alt cosplay by Veidt

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Veidt Cinco alt cosplay

Yeah, the reveal of the cover would be a bit more exciting if i hadn’t tipped my hand on this image a couple weeks ago.

I’ve handed Cinco off to be formatted…the second i get it back as a proper pdf, emails will go out, and will have it up and available for anyone who’s backed one of the last 3 crowdfunding things. 104 pages of all-new alt cosplay images, hope you’ll like it.

Once all those have gone out, will have one or two options available for anyone else interested in getting a copy.

New Veidt alt-y summer pics: Robin in a skull swimsuit

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Alt Cosplay fetish Robin Veidt

I don’t know about you, but i miss summer…this getting dark by 5pm shit is for the birds. So here’s some pics of Robin in a bone-themed swimsuit that take me right back to one glorious, endless, 100+ degree day, right before the solstice peaked. It’s such a vivid recollection, i want to cook these in a spoon and ingest them, intravenously.

Alt Cosplay models Robin Veidt

You know what’s worse than going back to your old hometown for a funeral? Visiting the home you grew up in, and seeing strangers living in it…was utterly unprepared for how jarring that would be. A cold, hard slap of a reminder that the world will go on without you.

Not the most pleasant experience in the world, but hope to keep it in mind as motivation for making better use of time, while i’m here.

Alt Cosplay superheroines Robin Veidt

Click through to see the rest of the pics. Only if you want to, of course…no one’s twisting your arm. You could always go here, instead, for something dope.

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The first big superhero film musical number will be…

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Jared Leto The Joker Batman

Don’t know when, whether they’ll work it into Suicide Squad, Justice League…or do a full on adaptation of/borrow heavily from The Killing Joke for the next standalone Bat film, but i hear there’s definite intent to work a live action version of The Joker’s big song and dance number I Go Loony into one of the new DC films.

Also don’t know what bearing this had on casting Jared Leto, or if this is a by-product of having a legit rock star in the role, but unless i’m overlooking something, this would be a first for the superhero film genre. Music has played a huge role in recent stuff; it’s almost a character in Guardians of the Galaxy, James Spader made excellent use of a few lyrics from Pinocchio, Birdman is wall-to-wall jazz, and it’s kind of impossible to think about the Batman films without hearing Hans Zimmer or Danny Elfman, but unless i’m overlooking something, nobody’s done a big fucking showstopping production like this could/should be.

Alan Moore’s disdain for any and all adaptations of his work is pretty universally understood, at this point, but i wonder if he might make an exception for this? This sequence, with Joker putting on a show for a traumatized Commissioner Gordon, inside an awesome amusement park, remains the most cinematic moment of any comic i’ve ever read.

What the fuck do i know, though. It’s not like i had the Leto story a week before anyone else, or anything.

New Kat pic set up in the Veidt bonus content section

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Kat Veidt alt pin-up Anthem

New pic set just went up in the bonus content section, featuring Kat in a shoot where i attempted to pay tribute (and hopefully direct a few new readers) to a novella that had a massive impact on me. This ended up inspiring a project that has changed direction a couple times, evolving into a piece that will be out early next year.

Hate that i feel compelled to apologize for loving this book, but such is the internet, so here’s some pre-emptive equivocation: Ayn Rand is not to everyone’s taste, i’m very much aware of this. I’m no Objectivist, and definitely can’t follow everywhere she goes in her non-fiction writing, but i think she’s fascinating, and obv possessed of a 12th level intellect.

Whatever your reflexive response to Rand, i’d urge you to at least attempt to check your indoctrination, and give Anthem a fair shot. It’s tremendously inspiring. It’s also public domain, widely available online, and can be read through in an hour, or two.

But if your psychic allergy to the material is insurmountably severe, ignore the book and look at Kat. Or just skip this set. You know your own triggers and parameters; you determine your own level of involvement.

New Veidt alt cosplay pics: Kimono Kat

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Kat Veidt alt cosplay fetish

Here’s a new set of alt cosplay pics featuring Kat in a rubber shortie robe. “New” is again a matter of perspective…one or two of these was in the Cosplay Tetherball ebook, but the rest have never gone up, so they’re new to you.

(Yes, i am trying to clear out the backlog of older stuff, in advance of the new stuff to come in the wake of Cinco. How good of you to notice.)

Kat Veidt alt cosplay nsfw

Just found the two greatest thematically-relevant props ever! Was asked to put together a pitch for a music video directing gig, i’m now building a concept around them.

If they no like it, will do it as a still / video shoot for here, sometime this month, and get it up as quickly as possible.

Alt Cosplay model Kat

Click through to see the rest of the images. Only if you want to, of course. If in doubt, this is your chance to punch out. Punching it over here is your best bet.

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Mad Max: Fury Road composer Junkie XL to score half of Batman v Superman

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YouTube Preview Image

Rather than cross his own timeline, Hans Zimmer apparently will outsource at least some of the work involved in composing a new Batman theme for Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice. Junkie XL, who has done some brilliant remixing of iconic Zimmer tracks (embedded above and below), and scored the can’t-fucking-get-here-soon-enough Mad Max: Fury Road, will design a new sonic aura for the post-Bale Dark Knight.

Outstanding news, but i was never worried about Batman…it’s the theme for Lex that will really be telling.

YouTube Preview Image


New Veidt alt cosplay pics: Jessica in Safe House Strip

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Jessica Veidt alt cosplay fetish

Here’s new alt cosplay pics featuring Jessica in a set inspired by DC’s Catwoman. These were going to go up like Thursday, but some asshole thought driving with a .18 was completely reasonable, and now i have to fly out to Boston for a wake/funeral.

Public Service Announcement: Uber, Lyft, hailing a cab, or staying the fuck home to booze it…none of these things are expensive or complicated, and all could stop you from radically fucking over your own life, and the lives of any people with the misfortune of being in your vicinity.

Alt Cosplay Jessica Veidt model

Click through to see the rest of the images. Nudity enabled, so if you’re under 18, or offended by skin, YOU MUST LEAVE NOW. No worries, this is better.

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New Veidt alt cosplay pics up in the bonus content section: Spring Breakers Han

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Alt Cosplay Han Veidt model

Just put a new alt cosplay pic set up in the bonus content section; Han in a costume inspired by Harley Quinn, and my absolute favorite film of last year, Harmony Korine’s Spring Breakers.

These were shot last year, i think two of them were used in the Post-Human Pin-Up book, but there were a couple others in the series i kinda liked, so here are the rest.

Also, we finally have a little shop…polaroids and other nonsense, for now, but the new ebook Cinco should be available there as soon as i’ve started/finished sending that out to crowdfunding backers (this week.)