New Veidt alt cosplay pics up in the bonus content section: Spring Breakers Han

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Alt Cosplay Han Veidt model

Just put a new alt cosplay pic set up in the bonus content section; Han in a costume inspired by Harley Quinn, and my absolute favorite film of last year, Harmony Korine’s Spring Breakers.

These were shot last year, i think two of them were used in the Post-Human Pin-Up book, but there were a couple others in the series i kinda liked, so here are the rest.

Also, we finally have a little shop…polaroids and other nonsense, for now, but the new ebook Cinco should be available there as soon as i’ve started/finished sending that out to crowdfunding backers (this week.)

Time to go watch Secretary, again…

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YouTube Preview Image

The first trailer for The Avengers featured Nine Inch Nails’ We’re In This Together, this first trailer Age of Ultron has James Spader’s voice all over it, and a second or two of his face mo-capped onto an 8 foot robot.

Which has the advantage? I am utterly incapable of making that call…i’m just grateful to whoever it was in Australia / New Zealand that released a bootleg, and forced Marvel’s hand into putting this online a week early.

New Veidt alt cosplay vixen pics: Poison Robin

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Alt Cosplay model Robin Veidt

Here’s new alt cosplay bodypaint pics featuring Robin, in a set inspired by DC’s iconic eco-supremicist, Poison Ivy. Air quotes around new, though, as some of these were used in the Post-Human Pin-Up ebook, and two full sets of these pics have been up in the bonus content, for awhile nows…

So why run a few of them on the main page, now? Because many more people will see them here, and hopefully provide some feedback…putting together a new Ivy shoot, think i’ve got a solid idea for that, have not seen it done before. Your comments/criticism/suggestions on these could shape how that new set turns out.

Alt Cosplay fetish pics Robin Veidt

Click through to see the rest of the images. There is nudity, so if you’re under 18, or otherwise skin-averse, YOU MUST LEAVE NOW. This is probably more interesting, anyway.

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One weird trick to enhancing your viewing of tonight’s episode of Gotham

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YouTube Preview Image

Kinda loving Gotham, but found this to be a helpful fix for one of the series more problematic aspects. Whenever Edward Nigma shows up in an episode, immediately start watching the video for Radiohead’s Lotus Flower…you should have plenty of warning, they seem to go out of their way to telegraph his appearances.

Enjoy Thom Yorke’s hypnotic dancing in a bowler hat, until he leaves. Infinitely more entertaining, and feels so much more Riddler-y.

Quick thoughts on The Town That Dreaded Sundown

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The Town That Dreaded Sundown

On a visual level, Alfonso Gomez-Rejon’s The Town That Dreaded Sundown might just be The Zodiac of straight-to-VOD serial killer movies. It’s got at least a couple shots that are comparable to the staggering beauty of David Fincher’s classic.

Beyond that, is it worth your time? I don’t know…depends on your tolerance for weird. It’s a weird little movie (which is fitting, as it’s a remake/continuation of a much older weird little movie) that plays out kinda like a hybrid of Scream and a less cerebral True Detective; but if you’ve ever wished for a slasher film where nobody makes sub-moronic decisions, cell phones actually work, the entire cast is filled with effective actors, and someone esses Gary Cole’s dee, you might find something quite worthwhile, here.

Spoilers: i kinda loved it…particularly that they built an interesting mystery, without intruding on the at-this-point-effectively-unsolvable nature of the real Phantom Killer. Also love the subtle nod in the story to the best serial killer theory ever, that the Phantom Killer may have gone on to become The Zodiac. Also, also, Addison Timlin is gorgeous.

The Town That Dreaded Sundown is available today on iTunes/Google Play/VOD, and around here it’s playing at the iPic Theater in Westwood. It’s also playing on Epix Halloween night, along with the original film.

New Veidt alt cosplay pics: Cee in “Just another freak, in the freak kingdom”

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Cee Veidt alt cosplay fetish

Here’s new alt cosplay pics featuring Cee, in a set inspired by DC’s Duela Dent. Very loosely inspired…someone had commissioned a Duela set, awhile ago. Took what i thought was reasonable artistic license with the character’s look, but the results were savagely panned by the one Duela fan i ran them by for a response.

Going to re-shoot with a completely different Duela look, but i still like this outfit, and it seemed a waste not to use these at all, so here are some of the pics.

Alt Cosplay models Cee Veidt

Also, that self-imposed, 12 month abstinence from new Harley or Catwoman cosplay shoots? That’s going to end up lasting about a week, but only because i found something god-awesome, that has to be used.

Moratorium will resume immediately after that, and run until i change my mind again/run out of other costumes/get bored.

Alt Cosplay models Cee Veidt

Click through to see the rest of the images…some nudity, intended for an adult audience: if you’re under 18, do fuck off. Fucking off to here comes highly recommended.

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First Powers trailer definitely has my attention

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YouTube Preview Image

First trailer for Powers, the Playstation Network’s new series based on Brian Michael Bendis’ comic, debuted at a dedicated NYCC panel. Remember loving what i read of the series, many years ago, but guess when it came to comic book cops, my ass belonged to Top 10 and Gotham Central.

Extremely excited about this, mostly because David Slade is directing the first two episodes, and Eddie Izzard is playing a character named Wolfe, making for a mini Hannibal reunion (Izzard’s also returning to Hannibal, in some capacity, next year.)

Also, Sharlto Copley + black hair dye looks so much like Dylan McDermott, i’m having The Practice flashbacks. Especially that last season, where James Spader first showed up as Alan Shore, and it was like watching the sphere appear in Flatland.

Already nostalgic for 2010: Jude Law slaughtering people to Unkle’s Burn My Shadow

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YouTube Preview Image

So last night’s The Blacklist incorporated the concept of repossessing transplanted organs, and immediately i was taken out of the show, and could only mentally replay the clip above, over and over, for the duration. Hope i didn’t miss anything too important.

(Fully aware of the overt Oldboy cribbing going on there, and that the entire Repo Men film may be a blatant rip-off of Repo! The Genetic Opera, but fuck i love this perfectly-executed scene.

Also, if you ever find yourself in the mountains and hills off Kanan Road, super late at night, with an energy drink-induced psychosis compelling you to outrun the drones you are convinced are following, this song is your only friend.)

Veidt Cinco

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Veidt alt cosplay fetish

Have been asked about the status of the Cinco ebook, wanted to update anyone interested.

The short answer: I’ve narrowed it down to a solid 100 images from the Cinco shoots over the last 12 months. Should be able to assemble that into a pdf within a week.

Why has it taken so long: I’ve stretched every dollar raised for this as far as possible, to do as much as i could. And the longer it went on, the better some of the stuff got. The last stuff that will go in was just shot last week.

So when will i get it?: Barring acts of God, or anything catastrophic, it will start going out Monday, October 27th. If anything catastrophic should come up, i will try to give as much advance notice as humanly possible.

Will i be able to get it if i missed the crowdfunding campaigns / don’t want to use Rockethub?: Yes. More on this, soon.

Why was it called Cinco, again? Was originally intended to commemorate 5 years of alt cosplay psuedo-art. At 12 months late, that doesn’t really apply, but it is the fifth ebook we’ve done, so there’s that?

Not to be confused with Cinco.

Can i help in some way?: Was thinking of offering a torrent option, to help speed distribution. If you know anything about configuring private seedboxes, and have the time and inclination to do this, please do send me an estimate of the time involved and your hourly rate, or a quote for the whole job.