Godspeed, sir

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You know what the worst part is? Now we have to go see Night in the Museum 3

This is depressing as hell, but Robin Williams leaves behind such an amazingly rich body of work, it will be a very long time before he is ever forgotten. One Hour Photo is like #7 on my all-time favorites list. Toys is probably #12, and both Popeye and What Dreams May Come are somewhere in the top 25.

And this is as good a time as any to admit i’ve never been able to watch Bicentennial Man without losing all my shit, and collapsing into an emotional yard sale.

New Veidt alt cosplay pic set up in the bonus content – Cee’s debut

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Alt Cosplay fetish Cee Veidt

This is Cee. Cee, everybody. Everybody, Cee. Cee’s first set is up now in the bonus content section, split into two parts because there’s a lot of them.

Will you see more of Cee? You tell me. I’m inclined to say yea, though, because she’s fun, and it adds a little authenticity to the alt cosplay when you’re shooting with someone capable of kicking over a smart car.

New Veidt Nori pics that spoil Guardians of the Galaxy’s post-credits surprise

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Nori Veidt alt cosplay

First off how good was Guardians of the Galaxy? By far the best movie Marvel has produced over the last six years? Definitely. So good that 5037 rushing-to-take-offense offense takers on may feel some measure of regret? I’d like to think so…but either way, it’s my favorite movie of the year so far (which is saying something in a year with a new Wes Anderson film.) A+++++++++++, will do business with again, and all that noise. If you’re at all on the fence, i’d urge you to give it a chance.

Click through for some spoiler thoughts, and a mini set of Nori pics that manage to reveal the post-credits surprise. You have been warned…

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Bring your own soundtrack…

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Alt Cosplay model Robin Veidt

Starting to send out download instructions now for the first Robin video. If you backed this new campaign, and don’t have an email from me by wednesday afternoon-ish (PST), feel free to yell at me.

The video is muted because of ambient noise/background music from the shoot. Was waiting for an original piece of music a friend of a friend offered to add over it…not complaining about the music, btw. The guy’s quite gifted, he was offering it for free,  and i’m in no position to complain about deadlines. But after 3 days, figured some might prefer an add-your-own-soundtrack option over further delay.

There is no sound issue on the second video, will finish putting that together and get that out soon. Kthanks.

New Veidt alt cosplay vixen pics: CatKat

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Kat Veidt alt cosplay pin-up

Here’s new alt cosplay pics, featuring Kat in a set inspired by DC’s Catwoman. They’re new to you, anyway…just making some progress on clearing out the backlog of photo sets that never made it onto the site, before. These go all the way back to the Cosplay Tetherball days.

Alt Cosplay model Kat Veidt

Jesus, i just checked the Rockethub thing, and it’s already over the target. Emails with the Robin video links will be going out soon…THANK YOU to everyone who’s supported this! And if you haven’t, there is still time, if you’re so inclined.

Alt Cosplay model Kat Veidt

Click through to see the rest of the pics. Only if you’re over the age of 18, and not averse to bare skin. This is intended for mature audiences…if that’s not you, please leave now. Go here for bliss and magic.

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Well thank God that guy didn’t get to make a Justice League movie…

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Been trying to avoid Comic Con stuff, kinda depressed about not going, but saw this, and i’m in utter awe. First trailer for George Miller’s Mad Max: Fury Road, which won’t be out until May 15, 2015. The visuals are breathtakingly dope, the wait is going to be agonizing.

Back in 2007, Miller came very close to making a Justice League movie, that made it to an advanced stage of pre-production before being undone by some combination of a writers’ strike, internet whining, and Christopher Nolan…but it’s fun to imagine what might have been, and an alternate universe where Marvel Studios is the one playing catch up.

Here comes a new crowdfunding campaign…

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There’s a new crowdfunding campaign up on Rockethub. Why? Because a.) we’ve now spent everything already raised, b.) people have asked about getting the books/bonus content, and i still don’t have a better way to do that, c.) early response indicates the new shoots for Cinco, and beyond, are the best stuff we’ve done, d.) we’d like to build on that momentum and do more, and e.) we’ve got some excellent new video and still shoots planned, all featuring multiple characters, and more narrative storytelling.

If you’ve already backed Cinco, you will be getting that sometime before this crowdfunding thing ends, and other stuff i’m behind on will follow in rapid succession once that ebook is finally out. You don’t need to back this, again…but if you want to, for $5 you’ll get a new video of Robin enjoying herself in and out of a bath, and in and out of costumes. Emphasis on enjoying herself. This is a bit more overtly erotic than our usual output. You tell me whether that’s something good or something bad.

Have been asked if we’re ever going to sell prints…i’m thinking $5 for a video is cheaper than a print, or whatever, and hopefully more interesting. And if enough people buy it, we’ll be able to crank out some new shid that i’m confident you’ll like.

If you back this, expect an email this weekend with a link to the video. If you’re funding it at the level that includes Cinco (or have in previous crowdfunding campaigns), emails with the links for that will go out sometime over the next 25 days. Anything else will be going out after the campaign ends. And if this hits it’s fundraising target, we’ll get another new video out to backers, and immediately get to work on the new shoots.


New Veidt alt cosplay vixen pics: Nori as a weaponized utopist

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Alt Cosplay fetish Nori

Back again with more filler. You’re welcome. Here’s Nori in a set inspired by a certain Mr. Adrian Veidt, aka Ozymandias, the greatest artist in the history of fiction, from Alan Moore’s seminal Watchmen. These didn’t make the cut for Cinco, but i liked some of them, so here they are, the 29th set to run on the site this year.

Nori Veidt alt superheroine cosplay

First press screenings for Guardians of the Galaxy were last night…got a couple first-hand accounts, and consensus seems to be it’s the best movie Marvel has done. If you can have a consensus out of two reactions, anyway. Only sour note is that there were no mid/post-credits stinger scenes attached, so we must wait another week or so for those to leak out.

(Word on ze street is we’ll be hearing exactly what a James Spader Ultron sounds like, much sooner than later. As a devoted fan of Spader, there’s little i’m looking forward to more.)

Alt Cosplay superheroines Nori Veidt

Click through to see the rest of the pics, but is only intended for mature audiences…if you’re under 18, leave nows. Leaving over HERE comes highly recommended.

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Ouroboros overload

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12 Monkeys is one of the five best films in the history of cinema, and now it’s being reconfigured into a series on Syfy, the first trailer for which is embedded above. I feel like i should be repulsed by this, but it’s actually fascinating. Like seeing an alternate universe version, illustrating how sideways the same material might go, void of Terry Gilliam’s genius, and the utter magic Bruce Willis and Brad Pitt were channeling in their respective roles.

The music is exceptional and massively appropriate, at least. Maybe it could actually be good? Will try to keep an open mind, but mostly want to see how there can be an Army of the Twelve Monkeys without (apparently?) a Jeffrey Goines.

Also, Deadline just announced that Mark Romanek will direct Overlook Hotel, a prequel to The Shining. This comment on the article perfectly encapsulates my initial reaction…

Mark Romanek Overlook Hotel

Fucking aye Never Let Me Go is a masterpiece…and it may not even be Romanek’s best film. Tweleve years after it’s initial release, i’m still haunted by moments in One Hour Photo…i think that movie gave my soul ptsd.

All i would hope is that it’s at least sort-of visually consistent with Kubrick’s film. If that’s even possible?

New Veidt alt cosplay vixen pics: gen-active Robin

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alt cosplay Robin Veidt nsfw

Yeah, the pic set i mentioned a week or so, ago? That’s still coming, and soon…but instead, here’s new alt cosplay pics featuring Robin in a set inspired by Caitlin Fairchild of the iconic series Gen 13. It may seem quaint and horribly dated, now, but at the time this book was quite novel, doing things largely unheard of in mainstream titles of that era, like acknowledging the existence of pop culture, incorporating actual landmarks from a real city (La Jolla, home of UCSD), and aggressively sexualizing it’s characters.

Aggresively sexuaized by 90′s super hero standards, anyway…it was still fairly chaste in comparison to the realities of then-contemporary teen life.

alt cosplay nsfw Robin Veidt

Just watched the finale of 24: Live Another Day. While it started off a little slow, the last five episodes have been fucking phenomenal, culminating in one of the best live-action Counter-Strike games i’ve ever seen.  Hope they’ll follow it up with another series, or the long-rumored movie…but if not spoilers at least Jack, Chloe, and William Devane all went out on powerful codas, which is probably as close to happy endings as they were ever going to get /spoilers.

Robin Veidt alt cosplay fetish

Click through to see the rest of the pics…BUT NOT IF YOU’RE UNDER 18, OR OFFENDED BY SKIN. If that’s you, LEAVE NOW! I suggest going to watch this; it’s far better than everything that actually got an emmy nomination (fuckyouemmysforsnubbingHannibal.) Read more on “New Veidt alt cosplay vixen pics: gen-active Robin” »