Four minutes, eleven seconds of bliss

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This is an outstanding fan video pairing footage from the climax of The Road Warrior (with spoilers if you’ve never seen it), and Nine Inch Nails’ Meet Your Master off Year Zero.

It’s been online since 2007, but i just found it. Love it intensely, makes the wait for Fury Road that much more brutal.

In case you’re still undecided: the third & final Interstellar trailer

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Is anyone really on the fence, at this point, re: Christopher Nolan and Inception?

Hmmm…i’m just not certain watching one of the most gifted filmmakers on the planet spend $200+ million over the course of 3 hours attempting to channel Stanley Kubrick is worth my precious $12. Keep selling me!#killeveryonerazeeverythingsalttheashes

all i want out of Gotham in 2 words…

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Max Shreck Gotham

I’ve watched the Gotham pilot twice now, and quite liked it. What struck me the most is that Machine is now a trope…you have Gordon and Bullock hanging upside down in an abattoir, there are some mob guys pointing a video camera at them, then a huge, hulking guy in a mask comes out, without any explanation, and it’s just assumed the audience will go, “Oh, 8mm. Got it.” I sorta love that.

What also made an impression is the overt cribbing from the Tim Burton Batman movies. The girl playing Selina Kyle has an uncanny resemblance to Michelle Pfeiffer, and those last shots of Robin Lord Taylor as Oswald Cobblepot were aggressively channeling the Danny DeVito Penguin. Given that, all i really want out of this season is an appearance by one of the most radically under-appreciated Bat villains: Max Shreck. Not just his store’s cat logo, Arkham City already did that, but an actual can0n appearance by the character outside of Batman Returns, something that 20+ years of comics, video games, animated series and films have failed to produce.

No doubt we’ll get a metric bumload of villains teased/alluded to/used in some capacity between now and May, but this is the one that would matter most to me. Doesn’t even have to be Walken (though i’d lose every last bit of my shit, if it was)…anyone suitably Walken-esque would suffice. Off the top of my head, acceptable substitutes could include Crispin Glover, William Fichtner, David Bowie, Robert Knepper, Thom Yorke, and James Van Der Beek.

i once dreamt Ross/Reznor scored Zodiac, and it melted my head

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NPR is now streaming the Trent Reznor / Atticus Ross soundtrack to David Fincher’s upcoming Gone Girl, in its entirety. Hearing some of their Social Network, and a lot of The Girl With the Dragon Tattoo in there, but the surprise is the apparent influence by Angelo Badilementi’s Fire Walk With Me work. There’s a definite David Lynch vibe to some tracks.

Embedding what might be my favorite, The Way He Looks At Me, above, but i’d urge you to click through to npr and just listen to the whole album.

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Also, sorta tangentially Fincher-related, this trailer for The Town That Dreaded Sundown is pretty outstanding…but if you’re familiar with the Texarkana “Phantom Killer” upon which this is very loosely based, and the insanely dope theories circulating that he may have gone on to commit the murders attributed to the Zodiac Killer, it’s even better if you watch it while listening to this:

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New Veidt alt cosplay set: Kat in a ruthless terrorist organization destined to rule the world

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Veidt alt cosplay model Kat

Here are new alt cosplay pics featuring Kat in a set inspired by the Cobra organization’s The Baroness. I think one or two of these were used in Post-Human Pin-Up, but i love the character, and liked a few of these, so here are the rest.

Getting some questions about the post right under this one. If you’ll note below the headline, it’s filed as a “Guest Editorial.” That means i didn’t write it, and it was paid for… think we’ve done like 2 of these paid posts over the last 6 years. So apologies if it bothered you, but i will happily accept the money and put it toward a Magneto shoot.

Kat Veidt alt cosplay fetish

Remember reading something years ago, around the time of Michael Bay’s first Transformers, that if Optimus Prime appeared on any city street in America, he could rally an army of 18-35 year olds willing to fight and die faster than any other historical/fictional figure. I’ve got no such loyalty to any mechas, but if Cobra Commander/Destro/The Baroness/Serpentor ever turned up looking for conscripts, i’d be down in a fucking picosecond.

Cobra offers a pure meritocracy, they dress far better than the competition (everyone except Snake-Eyes, anyway), and unlike many modern ideologies, they’re completely upfront with their true objective of Control, never disguising that with pretentious treacle. Also, they were in the avant-garde of H.P. Lovecraft scene: Destro has Dagon in his basement, and Cobra Commander is a former citizen of At the Mountains of Madness.

Kat Veidt alt cosplay nsfw

Click through to see the rest of the images. Only if you want to, of course. If you don’t, this is more satisfying, anyway.

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How To Use Sex Toys To Spice Things Up In Your Relationship

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Sex Toys sponsored content post

Keeping sex new and exciting is a problem that every couple faces at some point in their relationship. Much like the relationship itself, sex takes work, creativity, and passion. And even if you still have the same lust and desire for your partner, you must put forth a concerted effort to maintain a healthy sex life. While there are tons of ways you can reignite things in the bedroom—wearing sexy attire to bed, switching things up with new positions—incorporating toys in your foreplay is the best way to reconnect with your mate and (perhaps) re-spark your sex life, as noted on LovePanky.

While you may already be familiar with using sex toys on your own, introducing your partner to one of these devices is not all that easy. Those who aren’t familiar with sexual-enhancement gadgets may be intimidated and shy about exploring this world. And even if you own one yourself, you may still be out of your element when it comes to toys made for two. There’s a lot to consider when throwing one into the mix. However, with the help of this guide, you can easily introduce sex toys to your sex life.

Before you bring the idea of using these items to your partner, take the time to do some preliminary research. This will provide you with the opportunity to learn what kind of toys are available and what might work best for you and your mate. For instance, you may want to start with a small, less intimidating device like a cock ring instead of going for a more advanced product like a sex swing.

In doing your research, remember to think about why you want to try out a toy so that you’ll be able to explain it to your partner. You’ll also want to know which one best meets your needs, because there are a lot of choices out there. That’s made clear on Adam and Eve, where they write that “from realistic, flesh-colored dongs, complete with veins and balls, to more abstract phalluses in all kinds of funky colors and textures, there’s a perfect dildo for everyone.” Beyond the look and feel, these devices range from simple and straightforward dildos to multi-pleasure vibrators that you can both enjoy. But above all, you need to make sure you’re open and honest about your wants no matter how kinky or different they may be.

Now, as outlined on Sex With Dr. Jess, it’s time to actually discuss the use of toys and sex with your mate. Remember to do this on neutral ground and not during the act, a fight, or even when you’re both in bed. Try to bring up the topic when you’re both relaxed and are open to frank discussion. be sure to let your partner know that this is just something extra you want to integrate in your sex routine, and that this is not your way of saying your unfulfilled sexually as it’s only meant to add to your love life. Regardless of your partner’s reaction, remain calm, loving, and positive. Don’t be discouraged if your significant other doesn’t immediately get on board. It may take a bit of patience and persistence, but you’ll eventually get there.

Once your partner is ready, it’s time to go shopping! Since you’ve already gotten a feel for what you want, don’t hesitate to look online if you want to be discreet. If you’d rather peruse a sex shop, track down a few in your area, grab your partner, and start browsing. Who knows, once you get things going, you may not be able to stop at just one sex toy.

New Veidt alt cosplay pic set: Team Veidt Nori

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Nori Veidt alt cosplay fetish

Very happy to have the site back, and so far it feels a lot faster? Definitely some improvement, anyway.

While they don’t support/endorse/sponsor/condone any of the shit on this site, i’d just like to say that Brinkster is an awesome hosting company with amazing customer service, and if you are in need of any site hosting, or cloud/data center services, you really ought to consider them.

Here’s a new set of alt cosplay pics featuring Nori in the Pokemon-inspired Team Veidt costume. These were left over/outtakes from an early Cinco shoot, but i liked a couple of them.

alt cosplay model Nori Veidt

Terry Gilliam’s The Zero Theorem is finally out around LA, today. It’s been available on iTunes/Google Play for a week, but i want to see it in a proper theater, first. Playing at the Sundance Sunset Cinema (the old Laemmle Sunset 5), and the Laemmle Playhouse 7 in Pasadena. It will probably only be around for a week, so if you’re likewise inclined, ze clock is ticking.

Also Gilliam-related, can’t believe how much i’m looking forward to this.

Nori Veidt alt cosplay models

Click through to see the rest of the images. Or don’t. Your choice…if at all in doubt, just go here, instead.

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New Veidt alt-y outtake set: Jessica in a waiting room

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Jessica Veidt alt cosplay fetish

Hey, look, the site’s still alive. I took some time off to savor the last bits of summer, work on a few other projects, catch some kind of near lethal SARS/MERS thing, and do some soul-searching on the direction of this little venture. Dunno that i have answers nailed down, but we’ve got a lot of ideas, a bumload of new costumes, and i think this will be a space worth watching over what remains of 2014.

And for the moment, i do have several older sets, like this Jessica one, and Cinco shoot outtakes (yes, it’s still coming) on my desktop. Will be getting those up on a more regular basis, along with updates of what’s to come.

Alt Cosplay models Jessica Veidt

The site is super slow lately…i’m aware of it, working to fix it, and hope to have a fix in place within a week. At least it’s better than yesterday morning, when it was completely dead…the prospect of losing this outlet has sparked some new motivation to try to do something more interesting with this shid, while it’s still alive.

Jessica Veidt alt superheroine cosplay

See the rest of the pics after the jump. Not if you’re under 18, or bothered by nudity, though! If either describes you, LEAVE NOW! Go here instead!

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