New alt cosplay pics up in the bonus content: Bondage Kat outtakes

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Kat Veidt alt cosplay fetish outtakes

Outtakes from the Bondage Kat set are up in the bonus content….i meant to put these up awhile ago, but got ssssssssssssssssssssssssidetracked.

Will have a new set up this week, as soon as i can stop watching Ultron go full Mickey Knox (right after the superbowl, no less. How perfectly meta.)

Red Reddington Mickey Knox

TAR2D2 – the best t-shirt i’ve seen in awhile…

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TARS Interstellar robot Christopher Nolan

Man, i adored Interstellar; not just my favorite film of 2014, but one for the ages. So it’s a little depressing that this Riptapparel t-shirt, clever as it is, is about the only merchandise i’ve seen available for Interstellar, in general, and for TARS, the most visually interesting new character in recent memory, in particular.

If you are of a like mind, it’s only up for another 10 hours.

New Veidt alt cosplay pin-up pics: black cat Ruby (part 2)

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Ruby Veidt alt cosplay fetish models

Grab a D6, and roll it. If the result is anything other that a 5, you’re not reading this. You got an error page, or a redirect, or whatere. Chronic site downage is so much more tolerable when viewed as a tabletop game. Anyway, here’s the second part of a superheroine alt cosplay set featuring Ruby, inspired by DC’s Catwoman.

There’s nudity in pretty much every image that follows, so if you aren’t over 18, or aren’t cool with bare skin, GO AWAY. DO NOT PROCEED. Go here for something far more interesting.

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The first trailer for Hannibal season 3 highlights: Mads in a black leather jacket, and coming “Summer 2015″

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First trailer for Hannibal season 3 finally materialized, and it is amazing. Sadly, it appears Will lived, but his last line kinda makes up for this.

I’ve always kinda suspected/hoped that they might save Silence of the Lambs for a spin-off film, and that it appears we’re getting the Dr. Fell / Inspector Pazzi stuff from Hannibal, Lady Murasaki from Hannibal Rising, and Francis Dolarhyde from Red Dragon all in the new season only reinforces this.

Still no official launch date, just a tantalizingly vague Summer 2015.

i has a new second favorite teevee show

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YouTube Preview Image

Had sky-high expectations for Syfy’s 12 Monkeys, even with Terry Gilliam’s non-involvement / disavowment…and two episodes in, i haven’t been disappointed. Love many of the changes made, and that they’re incorporating some of the more interesting ideas from newer time travel stories released over the intervening 20 years since Monkeys (notably Looper‘s ability to fuck with a timeline on the fly, and Donnie Darko‘s conjecture on the physical/mental impacts of time travel), while staying pretty faithful to the tone of the original. So far, anyway…

The second episode, Mentally Divergent, has been available all week via Syfy and youtube, and finally airs tonight. In the meantime, if you’ve never seen LA JETÉE, the 1962 black and white short film that inspired 12 Monkeys, it’s up on youtube. Brilliant stuff, and it’s always fun to see how much of that high school French you retained.

New Veidt alt cosplay pin-up pics: black cat Ruby (part 1)

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Ruby alt cosplay fetish

Here’s new alt cosplay pics featuring Ruby in the first part of a set inspired by Tim Burton’s Catwoman. Beacause 22 years on, it’s still one of the absolute best movies i’ve ever seen.

And barring the site turning back into a hotel, or anything, the second part will go up tomorrow. I’m painfully aware it’s only mid-January, and the site’s already had two significant outages…working to stabilize this shid. Changes are imminent. alt superheroine cosplay pics

Latino-Review has what may be a pretty detailed account of the latest Suicide Squad draft; if it’s accurate, it spoils almost everything, and may explain why Tom Hardy left, but sounds utterly amazing.

All i can add is i’ve heard one of my most favorite DC characters is at least name-checked in it.

Ruby Veidt alt cosplay superheroines

Click through to see the rest of these images. Or not. Up to you…if at all in doubt, just go pre-order your Mortdecai tickets, here.

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“He couldn’t quite grasp the idea that the charge nurse couldn’t make it be yesterday.”

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YouTube Preview Image

In advance of the debut, this Friday, of the 12 Monkeys series, Syfy released the first 9 minutes from the pilot. If there’s a bigger fan of Terry Gilliam’s 12 Monkeys walking the planet, i’ve yet to meet them, and i’m dying to finally see this.

The 1995 film was packed with striking visuals, but among the striking-est was Bruce Willis’ initial visit to the surface world, wearing a Mr. Freeze-esque spacesuit, and encountering some of the freed zoo animals who’ve claimed the frozen, abandoned city as their own. Those space suits, lions, and bears are all curiously absent from what we see of the future, in the opening moments of this teevee version. Seems like a blown opportunity, but i’ve heard enough good noise on this to keep an open mind.

Also, the use of Chelsea Wolfe’s Feral Love in the first trailers for the series was fucking brilliant. There’s kind of a precedent for seemingly unnecessary television adaptations that exercise exceptional taste in trailer music turning out okay.

New Veidt alt cosplay pics: chain-slinging Cee

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Cee Veisdt alt cosplay fetish

Here are new alt cosplay pics featuring Cee in a set inspired by Marvel’s Thundra, a super-strong warrior from the future. A version of this costume is also worn by Thundra’s daughter, the Savage She-Hulk,  and that’s definitely on the to-do list for 2015.

Alt Cosplay model Cee Veidt

Prep work continues on the alt cosplay video short everyone will be wearing them in the FUTURE. So very excited about the ideas mapped out for the shoots, and still feeling confident on making the promised Valentine’s Day release.

Cee Veidt sexy alt cosplay tease

Click through to see the rest of the images, if you want. If at all in doubt, feel free to opt out…life is short, best not to waste it on my shit. Waste it on this shit, instead

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Under the Skin with a live orchestral score, tonight in la at The Regent…also my top 10 of 2014

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YouTube Preview Image

Under the Skin was one of my absolute favorite films of last year, and it’s screening tonight @ 7:30 at The Regent with a live orchestra, conducted by Mica Levi, composer of the film’s ambient score. Promises to be a memorable event, for a film that deserves any and all attention it can get.

Also, because it’s sort of relevant, here are my top films of 2014:

10. Edge of Tomorrow

9. Locke

8. X-Men: Days of Future Past - loved Guardians and Winter Soldier, but Magneto borrowing a baseball stadium was the most perfect comic book thing i saw in a movie, all year.

7. Boyhood - out on blu-ray today, and so worth your time…but if you’re too busy, just watch the super-abridged version:

YouTube Preview Image


6. Too Many Cooks

5. White Bird in a Blizzard - Eva Green was spectacular all year in 300: Rise of an Empire, Sin City: A Dame to Kill For, and Showtime’s Penny Dreadful, but this was her best.

4.  The Grand Budapest Hotel - that a new Wes Anderson movie could only get as high as #4 is a testament to the staggering quallity of this year’s releases.

3.  Birdman

2.  Under the Skin

1.  Interstellar – The most overwhelming and transfixing experience i’ve had in a movie theater since Mulholland Drive, 13 years ago. Amplified and enhanced by a brief appearance by William Devane.  William Devane!!