“Spring break. Spring break. Spring break fo’ever.”

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Happy Spring!

I’ve been dragging my feet on giving an update on the (now 1 month late) alt cosplay video everyone will be wearing them in the FUTURE. Apologies for that.

While things have been shot, the most ambitious and costly stuff hasn’t; this involves an insanely gorgeous location that i’ll only get a few hours to use, ever, and need to make every second count. To that end, i’m trying to get people who know what they’re doing involved…it’s taken a very long time for me to realize how extremely counter-productive it is to try and do all this shit on my own.

Started talking to a couple potential collaborator photographers, and had an amazing meeting a week ago with a legit artist who may end up advising on this, and other projects. If things turn out, i hope you’ll agree the wait was worth it…will keep backers updated on what comes of this, try to give you a look at what’s coming, and when to expect an actual finished product.

In the meantime, new alt cosplay pics going up later today. kthanksbye.

Daniel Craig is Steve McQueen in SPECTRE

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Daniel Craig is Steve McQueen

Last friday, Deadline had a story on the upcoming Steve McQueen biopic that’s attracting attention from all kinds of A-listers. Ryan Gosling, Channing Tatum, Brad Pitt, and Jeremy Renner are all apparently in contention, but found it puzzling that the seemingly obvious choice, Daniel Craig, wasn’t even name-checked.

Glad to see that the new teaser poster for Spectre agrees with me, at least…

Steve McQueen is Daniel Craig

New Veidt alt cosplay pics: Cat Eve (Part 2)

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Here are new alt cosplay pics, the sort-of continuation of a set that first went up almost 2 years ago; Eve in a couple Catwoman inspired looks. Some of the original pics were lost when a flash card died (thanks PNY), and we finally got around to re-shooting some stuff last month.

Dunno about you, but i liked how several of these turned out…there will be at least one other set, coming.

Veidt alt cosplay fetish

Just found a store in LA that sells sweet, nourishing Mr. Pibb Xtra in cans. Haven’t seen that since i was a kid. Might actually be the happiest day o’ me life.

Eve alt cosplay

Click through to see the rest of the pics. Intended for adults only…there’s some skin in this one, and more in the follow up, so if you’re sub-18, or there’s any question as to whether this is your thing, just go here instead.

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Because Tron 3 is actually happening: old alt cosplays revisited

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Kat Veidt alt cosplay fetish

Was very pleasantly surprised by the announcement this week that the follow-up to Tron: Legacy would start production this October 5th, for an as-yet undetermined 2016 release date. Even better, Joseph Kosinski will return to direct…loved his Oblivion, thought it showed dramatic improvement over Legacy (which i liked, a lot), been hoping he’d take another shot at Tron.

Now i have an excuse to break out the old Tron inspired costumes, and do some new shoots…been wanting to red0 them, just never got around to it. In the meantime, here’s a collection of old vintage alt cosplay images, circa like 2010/2011, inspired by Legacy’s Quorra and Gem.

And, yeah, i know the quality is junk; these date back to when i was shooting with iphones…i still like them, though.

Kat Veidt alt cosplay nsfw fetish

Click through to see the rest of the images, but only if you’re over 18, and okay with nudity. If you’re unsure on either count, STOP and proceed no further, these aren’t for you. Maybe next time. In the meantime, go here for ultimate glory.

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New Daredevil trailer promises the ecstasy of Arrow x the agony of Gotham

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YouTube Preview Image

New trailer for the Netflix Daredevil series coming April 10th. Still looks phenomenal, can’t wait to watch it, but think the recent announcement of Spider-Man’s impending integration into the Marvel cinematic universe is going to fucking loom over this thing to the point of distraction.

If you’re capable of watching this new footage of DD, and D’Onofrio’s Kingpin, without thinking “This is great, and all, but when are we going to see Spider-Man interact with them?“…well, congrats on having far less severe ADD. Don’t judge me, ableist.

New Veidt alt pin-up pics: see-thru Azalea

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Veidt alt cosplay fetish models Azalea

Here’s a new set of Veidt alt-y, not really cosplay, pics, featuring Azalea. She’s wearing a mostly transparent rubber dress that definitely made the rounds, during the shoots for the Cinco ebook. These weren’t ultimately used in the book, but i still liked a couple of them…

Pics are nsfw, and intended only for an adult audience; if you’re under 18, or are at all unsure about wanting to view bare skin, stop now. Proceed no further. Go here, instead, for something far more fulfilling.

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YouTube Preview Image

Watched White Bird in a Blizzard last night on Netflix, only because i remembered seeing it on your best of 14 list. It changed my life. God BLESS you.” – excerpt from real, actual message directed at me.

I’m now a certified level-1 influencer! SXSW, here i comes.

Glad you got something out of it…brilliant stuff, but def not a crowd-pleaser. The kind of movie that haunts your head for a good day or so, hitting you in waves; first, you’ll feel miserable about all the contempt you ever directed at your parents. Then comes the dread over the inevitable contempt your kids/potential kids will ultimately have for you. Finally, there’s resigned sadness for the contempt train every successive generation is fated to pull on the one that preceded it. It’s like an emo gobstopper.

(When the fuck did it turn up on Netflix, though? Like a month ago, couldn’t even buy it on itunes, it was only a rental.)

New Robin alt cosplay pic sets up in the bonus content

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Robin Veidt alt cosplay fetish

Just added 2 Robin alt cosplay sets to the bonus content section, one with an outfit inspired by a certain beloved animated series about a teen spy girl, and another where she’s wearing only a Mononoke-esque hat. Had these on my desktop forever, finally remembered to put them up.

They’re big files; all the images are 3456 x 5184, full-size, as they came out of the camera…testing to make sure this works, before sending out the original Cinco pics.


Wall to wall Spader = best Marvel trailer

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YouTube Preview Image

Third and final trailer for Avengers: Age of Ultron really showcases the titular bad robot, makes outstanding use of James Spader’s distinctively menacing voice, and generally mushroom stamps all the Marvel film trailers that have come before.

Love Ultron setting up his own Brotherhood of Evil Mutants franchise, and good God, that “I’ll take that from them first…” line.

New Veidt alt cosplay vixen pics: M as Captain Cold

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Veidt alt cosplay fetish models

Here’s new Veidt alt cosplay pics featuring M, making her first appearance here, in a set inspired by Flash rogue Captain Cold. Because Wentworth Miller is behind only Mads Mikkelsen and James Spader in creating the most compelling villainry on television, and it was announced today he’ll be featured prominently in the CW’s new superhero team-up spin-off / anthology series.

M sexy alt cosplay fetish

So sad to hear Leonard Nimoy is dead. Been re-watching his Transformers: The Movie Galvatron stuff on youtube all afternoon, and based on the comment sections, i’m not alone.

M Veidt alt cosplay Captain Cold

Click through to see the rest of the images. Only if you want to, of course. If you’re at all uncertain, your best bet is to go here nows.

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