The Extrinsic crowdfunding campaign ended gloriously.

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Cee Veidt alt cosplay fetish

The Extrinsic veidt alt cosplay crowdfunding campaign ended up taking in almost twice its original goal, THANK YOU to everyone who supported it. I’m positively giddy at the prospect of joining the one comma club. Witness me!

Bear with me just a little bit longer to get the second round of emails out…many hours into a recovery attempt on some of the files missing on the bonus content, and still not done with that. Will have all that squared, and emails out tonight (6-2-15), by early evening-ish.

“You know…hope is a mistake.”

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The crowdfunding campaign on Rockethub is in its final day, ending in like 12 hours; monday morning, 4am la time/7am east coast.

THANK YOU to everyone who’s backed it, so far!! Will be putting the money to good use: very excited about the stuff that’s in progress/to be shot in June.

Halt and Catch Fire season 2 debuts tonight…so here’s the best fan-made music video ever

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YouTube Preview Image

Halt and Catch Fire debuts its second season tonight on AMC, focusing on the dawn of online gaming. The prospect of having this on the same night as Silicon Valley is positively drool-inducing (even if it’ll only last for like 3 weeks, with the second season of SV almost over.)

The show stars Lee Pace, who in addition to making Ronan one of my favorite things in Guardians of the Galaxy, starred in one of the absolute best films ever shot, Tarsem Singh’s The Fall…giving me an excuse to re-post this brilliant fan-made music video combining some of that film’s most striking visuals with what might be Nine Inch Nails’ best song, The Great Below.

Sorta related (both tracks came off the same disc of The Fragile): it’s not like i wasn’t going to get Arkham Knight the second it was released, anyway, but this spot featuring a new remix of NIN’s The Wretched might be the best game ad i’ve ever seen.

YouTube Preview Image

New Veidt alt cosplay pin-up pics: ThundraKat

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Veidt alt cosplay superheroines

Here’s a new alt cosplay superheroine pic set featuring Kat, in a costume inspired by Thundra, Marvel’s super-strong, chain-slinging brawler. Thundra just got an action figure (her first, i think?) in the new Marvel Legends wave, with the movie Hulkbuster build a figure.

These were shot for the Cinco ebook, think one or two were in there, but i liked a couple of the outtakes.

Kat alt cosplay models

Just read The Crying of Lot 49, the first Pynchon i’ve ever picked up, and no less than 2 hours after i finished it, Silicon Valley makes a Yoyodyne reference.

Know i’m like 5 or 6 decades late in discovering the guy, but he writes astoundingly dope stuff. So very highly recommended…will try to make it through his  V., over the weekend.

Kat Veidt alt cosplay superheroines

Click through to see the rest of the pics. Only if you want to, of course. If at all in doubt, know that you can always find enduring fulfillment by just going here, instead.

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New veidt alt cosplay pic set up in the bonus content

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Kat Veidt alt cosplay models

There are new alt superheroine cosplay pics up in the bonus content section, featuring Kat in a classic costume piece inspired by my intense love of Harmony Korine’s Spring Breakers, and DC’s Harley Quinn.

Fairly big files; it’s all full-size, hd images, split into two parts, and both are available right now.  (And if you’re a backer on the crowdfunding campaign going on now, 1. thank you, and 2. you will be getting the login info for all that with the next round of stuff going out, once the campaign ends.)

New Veidt alt cosplay pin-up pics: Cee in To The Wonder

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Alt Cosplay superheroines Veidt

Here’s new Veidt alt cosplay pics featuring Cee, in a set inspired by DC’s Wonder Woman. This was stuff shot for the Cinco ebook, but ultimately not used…whatever i liked a few of them. Cee can look amazing in literally anything, as demonstrated in an upcoming set.

Cee Veidt alt cosplay fetish

In a fairly active week for genre news, i’m confident the prospect of Matthew McConaughey potentially portraying Norman Osborn in the new MCU-compliant Spider-Man reboot trumps everything else. Even all the Leto Joker stuff leaking everywhere.

McConaughey had actually been my original dream casting for a new Joker, and there are so many possibilities worth exploring with him as Osborn: an actual rubber-masked Goblin,  a Thunderbolts team worthy of it’s own franchise, and S.H.I.E.L.D. actually getting interesting under his leadership. Only downside: i’d heard from someone-who-might-know that James Franco was one of the other names considered, at some point.

Veidt alt cosplay superheroine fetish

Click through to see the rest of the pics. Only if you want to, of course; you determine your own level of involvement. If at all in doubt, just do the honorable thing, and go here, instead.

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More Extrinsic alt cosplay pic sets going out nows

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Ruby Veidt alt cosplay superheroines

The second round of veidt alt cosplay sets are starting to go out now to $25 backers of the current crowdfunding on Rockethub. Big file, again, do let me know if you have any problems dl’ing it. Also, THANK YOU to everyone who’s supported it.

(If you’re expecting that email, and don’t have it by like 10pm Los Angeles time, there’s a problem. Yell at me.)

I’m lagging a bit…was really trying to get a particular costume finished and shot to include with these, but it wasn’t to be. Will have that done and ready for the next round, to go out when the campaign ends.

Quick crowdfunding update

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Robin Veidt alt cosplay fetish

Getting the next round of pics together. Just shot some newer costumes with Robin, she kinda killed in a couple of them, so expect 1 or 2 of those in the next 5 sets. Those will all go out Monday.

(I am behind on sending stuff out…been afk; shooting, doing costume shid, tournamenting Fury Road, etc. Will be back at desktop tonight, and will get everything caught up.)

update: all emails for the first wave of sets have now gone out…if you still don’t have an email from me with those links, please leave a note here, or send me hate mail. Thanks.

First still of Elle Fanning in Refn’s The Neon Demon looks more Jem than that Jem trailer

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The Neon Demon Elle Fanning

2016 is already crammed full of cinematic promise, with Batman v. Superman finally arriving, David Ayer’s Suicide Squad, and Spider-Man in Civil War. Hope each and every one of those is all it can be, and more…but honestly, i’m most excited about the prospects for a replay of 2013, with new Nicolas Winding Refn and Harmony Korine films out in theaters at roughly the same time.

Refn’s The Neon Demon will wrap shooting next week, and is expected to hit somewhere around March. Screen Daily just debuted that first official pic, and  a gorgeous bts promo shot.