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This page will aggregate all of the superheroine cosplay photo sets, videos, and related posts on Many contain nudity and material not suitable for minors. Check back often, new stuff is coming.

Arisia Rrab cosplay Green Lantern movie Corps tits ass Jessica veidt

Arisia Rrab – A redo of Arisia Rrab, the hottest and least dressed superheroine in the Green Lantern Corps.

Mystique cosplay Virginia

Mystique – Virginia as Raven Darkholme, the sexy, blue-skinned, shape-shifting mutant supervillainess of the X-Men.

Kat Robin alt cosplay Veist

Cosploitation – Kat and Robin imagine an alt cosplay post-human sleepover, with pillow fights and a bath.

Poison Ivy cosplay

Poison Ivy (3 of 3) – Wrapping up the Arkham City-inspired set, featurning Virginia in green bodypaint.

Poison Ivy cosplay pic

Poison Ivy (2 of 3) – Green jobs are supposed to be better than regular jobs, so green nudity must be the best thing ever, no?

Kat Giganta cosplay

Giganta (Part 1 of 2) – Kat as the super strong, fur bikini wearing, Wonder Woman-hating, Legion of Doom giantess.

Kat Veidt cosplay

Giganta (Part 2 of 2) – Kat in a barely functional fur bikini. Enjoy.

Kat Veidt alt Pin-Up

Typhoid Mary – Kat in a cosplay set inspired by Daredevil’s schizoid mutant supervillainess.

Robin Lyra Veidt alt cosplay

Purrple – Lyra and Robin in a moody alt cosplay vixen shoot dedicated to my favorite color.

Kat Zatanna cosplay Veidt

Homo Magi – Kat in a top hat and fishnets, in a tribute to the Sorceress Supreme of the DC Universe.

Keep It Together

Sinister Cat (Part 1) – Eve in a cosplay set inspired by my abiding love of The Dark Knight Rises.

Kat Veidt alt cosplay tetherball

Dark Canary Kat (part 1) – Kat in a set with a simple concept: Superheroine selfies.

Kat Veidt alt cosplay cosploitation

Dark Canary Kat (part 2) – Kat in the continuation of an alt cosplay set imagining a bottomless vigilante.

Kat Veidt alt cosplay erotic

Dark Canary Kat (part 3) – Kat in the third and final part of a modern masterwork of erotic alt cosplay.

Kat Veidt alt cosplay metro video game fetish zero suit

Metro Kat – Kat in a blue zero suit alt cosplay inspired by a classic video game heroine.

Batgirl cosplay Jessica Veidt

Alt Batgirl(s) – Jessica and Virginia in a hipster-esque take on the Barbara Gordon and Stephanie Brown Batgirl.

Harley Quinn cosplay

Harley Quinn (Part 1 of 2) – Kat and Jessica as Batman super villainess and the Joker’s girlfriend Harley Quinn.

Harley Quinn cosplay

Harley Quinn (2 of 2) – More pics of Kat as exuberant Batman super villainess Harley Quinn.

Catwoman alt superheroine cosplay pics

Catwoman (Part 1) – First part of a set inspired by Batman’s nemesis/lover Selina Kyle, featuring Marnie.

Marnie Veidt alt Catwoman cosplay

Catwoman (Part 2) – Second part of a cosplay set featuring Marnie as a master thief with a feline fetish.

Marnie Veist alt cosplay Catwoman

Catwoman (Part 3) - Final part of an alt cosplay set featuring Marnie, inspired by Selina Kyle.

Lyra Kat Veidt alt cosplay

Alpha Misfits – Kat and Lyra as a couple of post-human heroines fiercely lounging and passing the time.

Han Veidt alt cosplay Velma

Archetypical Geek Girl – Han in an alt cosplay inspired by Velma of Mystery Inc.

Han Veidt alt cosplay

Elasti-Han – First set of Han to hit the site, in a cosplay inspired by Elasti-Girl of The Doom Patrol.

Laira Omoto Green Lantern girl

Laira Omoto – Kat in bodypaint as the blue skinned, martial artist alien girl from the Green Lantern Corps.

Jessica Veidt alt cosplay vixen model cosploitation post-human pin-up

Blue Rubber Kimono - A simple set with Jessica in a tight, fetishistic shortie robe.

Marnie alt superheroine cosplay

Arisia – by request, Marnie in a  pic set inspired by alien girl Arisia Rrab of the Green Lantern Corps.

Bec Veidt alt cosplay cosploitation

Street Vigilante Casual – Bec in a mix of alt cosplay and casual wear.

Jessica Quorra cosplay

Quorra (take 1) – Jessica as the Aeon Flux-ish, monochromatic superheroine of Tron: Legacy.

Quorra Virginia cosplay

Quorra (#2) – A second take on the hottest girl from the Tron sequel, featuring Virginia.

Marnie Veidt alt cosplay

Tallest – Marnie in a green fur hat, in an alt cosplay tribute to a certain beloved robot dog.

Veidt Kat alt cosplay pics

Plug – Kat in an alt cosplay inspired by the iconic look of Rei Ayanami from Neon Genesis Evangelion.

Marnie Veidt alt cosplay

Leafy Green – Marnie in green bodypaint, and not much else.

Nori Veidt alt cosplay nsfw pics

Ravishing – Nori, in her first appearance here, in an alt cosplay set inspired by Rose Wilson.

Zyd alt cosplay cosploitation geek girls fetish pics

Burgurgled (part 1) – Alt cosplay vixen Zyd looking uberdope filling out a black catsuit.

Kat Veidt alt cosplay vixen pics cosploitation

Dark Feline (part 1) – Kat in the first part of an alt cosplay vixen set inspired by a certain unlucky cat burglar.

Kat Veidt alt cosplay model

The Waker Sleeps – Kat in the first Veidt alt cosplay vixen pic set of 2014, an homage to the stillsuit.

Jessica Zatanna cosplay

Zatanna Zatara (2 of 3) - Jessica as the JLA’s Homo Magi Sorceress Supreme…and uhh, it’s a 3 part set now.

Zatanna Zatara cosplay

Zatanna (1 of 2) – Zatanna Zatara doesn’t wear much in the comics, to begin with, but she does it with style.

Sailor Pluto cosplay

Sailor Pluto v. 2.0 – Kat as the best dressed and most powerful of the Sailor Scout Soldiers.

alt Harley Quinn cosplay

Suicide Squad Harley (part 1) - Kat in a pic set inspired by the New 52 reboot look of  Harley Quinn.

Kat Veidt Harley Quinn cosplay

Suicide Squad Harley (part 2) – The second part of a set inspired by Suicide Squad Harley Quinn.

Virginia Veidt cosplay

Thermal Bandages – Virginia in bandages as…something. Whatever, some of the pics are dope.

Robin Veidt alt cosplay fetish nsfw

Red Bat Robin – R0bin in an alt cosplay tribute to a vigilante with red hair and pale skin.

Kat Veidt Aeon Flux

Versus (part 1) – Kat on a hot tin roof, in a cosplay set inspired by Peter Chung’s Aeon Flux.

Kat vs Marnie

Versus (part 2) – Kat vs Marnie in a cosplay set inspired by the impossibly dope Aeon Flux animated series.

Han Veidt alt Ozymandias inspired cosplay parody pics

World’s Smartest Alt Cosplay – Han in a set inspired by Ozymandias, the inspirational hero of Watchmen.

Robin Veidt alt cosplay Cinco

Squeaky Clean Super Teen – Robin in an alt cosplay set inspired by innocent demigod Mary Marvel.

Kat Veidt alt cosplay fetish

Prepare – Team Veidt Kat.

Nori Veidt alt cosplay vixen cosploitation

Spring Breakers Harley – Nori in an alt cosplay partially inspired by the best movie of 2013.

Jessica Veidt Green Lantern alt cosplay

Jessica Lantern – Another Jessica as Arisia Rrab cosplay set. Redundant? Maybe. Good? I think so.

Marnie Veidt alt cosplay

black parade – Marnie in a sort-of militaristic top and no bottom. Happy Memorial Day.

Marnie Veidt alt cosplay

black parade (part 2) - Marnie in a sort-of militaristic top and no bottom. Happy Memorial Day.

Kat Veidt altcosplay nsfw pics

Hit-Woman – Kat in an alt cosplay set imagining a full-grown adult version of Hit-Girl from Kick-Ass.

Kat Veidt alt cosplay

Huntrix – Kat in an alt cosplay pic set inspired by Batman and Catwoman’s daughter, The Huntress.

Post-Human Pin-Up

Kat 9 – Kat in a set inspired by Top Cow’s gynoid assassin Aphrodite IX.

Kat Death alt cosplay

Why so pale and wan… – Kat in an alt cosplay set inspired by Death of the Endless.

Han Veidt alt cosplay nsfw fetish

Blue Angel – Han in an alt cosplay inspired by the most iconic anime series.

Kat Veidt alt possible

Kat Possible – Kat in an alt cosplay set inspired by a certain animated redhead spy girl.

Zyd Veidt alt cosplay

Code Red (part 1) – Zyd in the first part of a cosplay set inspired by a red ninja who won’t stay dead.

Zyd Veidt alt cosplay

Code Red (part 2) – Zyd in the second part of a crimson ninja girl alt cosplay set.

Jessica Veidt alt cosplay password

Skin and Bone – Jessica in and out of a bone fetish-themed ensemble.

Kat Veidt GIR

GIR – Kat in an homage to the little robot in a green dog suit from the late, great Invader Zim.

Kat alt sexy pin-up

Kat in a Gir hat – Kat looking pretty paying homage to one of the best cartoon series ever.

White Rabbit cosplay Veidt

White Rabbit (part 1) – Kat and Marnie in a set (sort-of) inspired by Batman’s new furry super villainess.

Marnie Veist alt cosplay

White Rabbit (part 2) – It’s Marnie in an alt cosplay pics set that’s quick like a bunny.

Raven superheroine cosplay

Raven – Marnie as the dark and mysterious, half-demon mystic from the Teen Titans.

Kat Marnie Veidt cosplay pics

Livewire – Kat and Marnie in a cosplay set inspired by Superman’s faux Harley Quinn foe.

Kat Veidt alt cosplay

More Kat Flux (part 1) – New pics of Kat as a super-agile anarchist assassin.

Kat Flux alt cosplay Veidt

More Kat Flux (part 2) – More altcosplay pics of Kat in sleek and sexy black rubber.

Marnie Veidt alt cosplay

ex-teen space queen – because Marnie looks cute in white, i guess.

Jessica Veidt alt cosplay

Space Princess – Jessica, in a continuation of the alt cosplay set, above.

Marnie superheroine cosplay

Ms. Marnie – Marnie in a superheroine cosplay set inspired by Ms. Marvel of The Avengers.

Marnie Veidt gauzeplay bath

Gauzeplay – Marnie in a tub wearing a gauze bandage bikini. Also not wearing it.

Robin Veidt alt superheroine cosplay

A Witch Called Wanda – Robin in a new alt superheroine cosplay set inspired by the Scarlet Witch.

Lyra Veidt alt cosplay

Shadow Assassin League – Lyra as some kind of Shadow-y ninja assassin girl in a latex kimono.

Kat Veidt alt superheroine cosplay girls

Digital Day-Glo Siren – Kat in a set inspired by Gem, from Tron: Legacy.

Kat alt cosplay Veidt

Digital Day-Glo Siren (Part 2) – Continuation of Kat in a Tron-inspired cosplay.

Veidt alt superheroine cosplay

Bulletproof – Jessica in a cosplay set inspired by Clark Kent’s cousin, Supergirl.

Marnie Veidt alt cosplay

Marnie Cat - Marnie in a cosplay set inspired by Spider-Man’s enemy with benefits.

Veidt alt superheroine cosplay

Silk Spectre I – Kat in a set inspired by the original Silk Spectre of the Minutemen, from Watchmen

Marnie Veidt Harley Quinn

Marnie Quinn – Marnie in a set inspired by the new 52 Suicide Squad Harley Quinn (and her lame new origin.)

Robin Veidt Catwoman cosplay

You Merely Adopted the Dark – Robin in a cosplay set inspired by Catwoman, from my new favorite movie.

Jessica Veidt superheroine cosplay

JessiCat (part 1) - Jessica in a cosplay set inspired by Spider-Man’s friendgirl, the Black Cat.

Kat Veidt alt cosplay

Mutant and Proud – Kat in a bodypaint and cosplay set inspired by X-Men: First Class.

Robin Veidt Kat alt sexy superheroine cosplay girls Lara Croft inspired Tomb Raider parody fetish pin-up

Aggro Invasive Archaeology (part 1) – Kat and Robin in the first part of a set inspired by Lara Croft.

Kat Veidt alt cosplay vixens fetish

Aggro Invasive Archaeology (part 2) – Kat and Robin in the second of three parts of an alt cosplay set. Catwoman cosplay

Catwoman – Virginia in a Catwoman cosplay set inspired by Batman: Arkham City and The Dark Knight Rises.

Kat Catwoman cosplay

Katwoman – Kat in costume as the Arkham City / The Dark Knight Rises cat thief alter ego of Selina Kyle.

Veidt alt sexy cosplay

Team Marnie – Marnie in a cosplay set inspired by Pokemon’s villainous Team Rocket thugs.

Kat Veidt alt cosplay

Polar – Kat in a set inspired by Polaris, the X-Men’s green-haired mutant mistress of magnetism.

Marnie Veidt alt cosplay

Red Handed – Marnie in a cosplay set inspired by Daredevil’s ninja girlfriend, Elektra.

Robin Veidt alt cosplay

Robin Rabbit – Robin in a cosplay set inspired by furry supervillainess the White Rabbit.


Bevorlee – Kat in a vintage t-shirt, or uber obscure cosplay. You be ze judge.

Robin Veidt alt cosplay

Alien Girl – Robin in an alt cosplay set with a barely there costume inspired by Supergirl.

Veidt alt cosplay cosploitation Jessica

Make the Climb – Jessica losing all her clothes as she ascends some stairs.

Kat Veidt alt cosplay fetish vixen nsfw comic book geek girls

To the Wonder – Kat in a fetishistic alt cosplay set inspired by an iconic sidekick.

Gotham City Imposters

Alt Batgirl – Kat wearing the hipster / alt Batgirl costume, because it kinda looks like Gotham City Imposters.

Giganta Veidt cosplay

Giganta – Virginia fills (and falls out of) the fur bikini of Wonder Woman’s ginger giantess nemesis.

Kim Possible cosplay

Kim Possible – Virginia in a cosplay set inspired by the animated, angular, redheaded super spy girl.

Jessica Veidt Ms. Marvel

Ms. Marvel (1 0f 2) – First pic set featuring Jessica as Carol Danvers, the dominant superheroine of the Marvel Universe.

Ms. Marvel cosplay

Ms. Marvel (2 of 2) – Second cosplay set of Jessica as the 2nd or 3rd hottest Avenger, Ms. Marvel.

Atom Eve cosplay

Atom Eve – Virginia as the industrious redheaded super-heroine from Image Comics’ Invincible.

Wonder Girl cosplay

Wonder Girl – Pics and video featuring Jessica as Young Justice’s Cassandra “Cassie” Sandsmark aka Wonder Girl

Green Lanterns cosplay

Green Lantern off – Jessica and Virginia as spunky alien girls, in a superheroine showdown for Green Lantern supremacy.

Poison Ivy (1 of 3) -  First set featuring Virginia as Pamela Isley, the green hued supervillainess of Batman: Arkham Asylum.

Sailor Pluto cosplay

Sailor Pluto - Cosplay pic set featuring Jessica as the Dr. Manhattan / Time Lord of the Sailor Soldiers.

Emma Frost cosplay

White Queen – Jessica as the Hellfire Club’s Emma Frost, a former X-Men villain turned central member.

Jessica Veidt cosplay

White Queen – More of Jessica as the lingerie-clad, diamond hard, psychic malcontent. alt nsfw cosplay

Dark Harley Kat (part 1 of 3) – Spring Break.

Kat Veidt alt cosplay

Dark Harley Kat (Part 2 of 3) – Spring Break.

Spring Break

Dark Harley Kat (Part 3 of 3) – Spring Break forever!

Veidt alt cosplay Marnie

Prepare for trouble – Marnie in an alt cosplay set inspired by one of the hottest cartoon redheads.

Power Girl – Jessica cosplaying as the sexy Kryptonian supergirl with bullet-proof cleavage.

Jessica Huntress cosplay

Huntress – Jessica as DC’s sexy, Justice League quitting, crossbow weilding, midriff baring, Birds of Prey vigilante girl.

Mary Marvel cosplay Jessica Veidt

Mary Marvel – Jessica as the dark version of Captain Marvel’s sister. She adopted this look after absorbing Black Adam’s power.

Cyclone JSA superheroine cosplay

Cyclone – Kat as the JSA super-heroine whose powers include getting into Harvard with a 1300 SAT.

Black Widow revisited – Virginia in the black catsuit of the Avengers in-house ginger intelligence operative.

Black Canary cosplay

Black Canary – Jessica as the fishnet tights wearing Black Canary, one of Oracle’s Birds of Prey.

Black Widow cosplay

Black Widow – Inspired by Scarlett Johansson in Iron Man 2, here’s Virginia as Russian, redhead, super-spy Natasha Romanoff.

Marnie Veidt alt cosplay nude nsfw stars cosploitation

Stars upon Stars – Alt cosplay vixen Marnie in a photo set that’s full of stars.

Alice Madness Returns cosplay pics

Alice Liddell – Kat and Marnie in a set inspired by American McGee’s Alice video game series.

Hit-Girl cosplay

Hit-Girl – Inspired by the preteen superheroine/assassin in Kick-Ass, Hit-Girl is a coke-powered purveyor of ultraviolence.

Kat Veidt alt cosplay

Street Fighting – Kat in an alt cosplay set inspired by Cammy from the beloved Street Fighter series.

Red ninja assassin cosplay

Red Ninja Girl – Red nerf sword, red loincloth, redhead – Virginia as a crimson ninja assassin.

Jessica as Silk Spectre Watchmen movie cosplay Malin Akerman

Silk Spectre – Revisiting the Silk Spectre cosplay costume, one year after the release of the Watchmen movie.

Stargirl cosplay JSA Smallville Jessica Courtney Whitmore

Stargirl - Cosplay inspired by her appearance on Smallville, Courtney Whitmore aka Stargirl is the youngest member of the JSA.

Cosplay Undressed – Not really a cosplay set, but this contains some of my favorite pics of Jessica.

Star Sapphire – A second take on Carol Ferris and her skintight spandex alter-ego Star Sapphire, the most powerful of the Violet Lantern Corps. Post-Human Entertainment

Wonder Woman as a Star Sapphire – First of 2 cosplay sets featuring alpha superheroine Wonder Woman as a member of the Violet Lantern Corps.

Jessica sexy red ninja assassin girl cosplay Veidt

Ninja Assassin Girl – Is the anything more lethal and terrifying than a cute naked girl with a Nerf sword?

spy girl cosplay Black Widow ginger Kim Possible Scarlett costume

Scarlett Spy Girl – Generic, ginger spy girl in a black bodysuit; totally not Marvel’s Black Widow, though. Or Kim Possible, either. Don’t sue.

Arisia – The best dressed Green Lantern Corps member, and former girlfriend of Hal Jordan.  Arisia is currently in the spotlight with DC’s Blackest Night.

Poison Ivy cosplay

Poison Ivy – Batman’s chlorophyll-powered supervillainess Poison Ivy, based on her appearance in the Batman: Arkham Asylum video game by Eidos.

Star Sapphire – One of Green Lantern Hal Jordan’s arch-enemies, and part-time girlfriend (see a trend here?), Star Sapphire now leads her own corps of Violet Lanterns.

Veidt alt cosplay nsfw

The White Violin – alt cosplay set inspired by Vanya, the post-human sociopath from The Umbrella Academy.

Catwoman Selina Kyle cosplay costume geek girl sexy photos video

Catwoman - One of Batman’s most dangerous enemies, also occasionally his girlfriend. Selina Kyle is the world’s greatest thief, and sports one of the best costumes in all of comicdom.

Silk Spectre -the 2nd generation superheroine from Watchmen. Highly skilled fighter and gymnast, and her boyfriend is god.

Aeon Flux -  the sexy seductress, assassin for hire, and ultimate libertarian heroine from the MTV animated series by Peter Chung.

Jill Bioskop - the blue alien mutant girl from the brilliant movie Immortel Ad Vitam (aka Immortal.)

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