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Posted June 16th, 2014 by Veidt & filed under Movies.

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Jazz singer Little Jimmy Scott died on Thursday. Scott made an indelible impression in the Twin Peaks series finale, singing Sycamore Trees, a song written by David Lynch, in the extra-dimensional Black Lodge. In a series crammed fucking full of hauntingly strange moments, this was amongst like the top three most perfect.

[Serio, watch that clip. That’s not taken out of context, there was really no context beyond what you, the viewer, worked to provide. It’s staggering to imagine that actually aired over 20 years ago, on network television. I can’t possibly love current stuff like Hannibal or True Detective any more than i already do, but just watching that again makes me think Lynch was so far ahead of his time as to affirm a belief in the divine and/or time travel. (via Variety)]

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To commemorate the blu-ray release¬† this Tuesday of Wes Anderson’s latest (it’s been available for two weeks now, on iTunes…i’ve watched it a good 7 more times, already), Fox Searchlight commsioned the construction of a gigantic Lego model of The Grand Budapest Hotel. Comprised of over 50,000 bricks, it’s currently installed at The Grove. All good Anderson fans in the vicinity should make the pilgrimage, i’ll try to get over there tomorrow afternoon. If nobody’s already started hanging hotel keys/cards off it, i’ll be deeply saddened.¬†(via film school rejects)

…and nobody asked, but here’s how i score 2014, so fars: 5.) Days of Future Past 4.) 22 Jump Street 3.) Under the Skin 2.) Edge of Tomorrow 1.) The Grand Budapest Hotel.



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2 Responses to “News probably of minor consequence to most”

Phoenix June 16th, 2014 at 9:01 am

As i had previously stated i would put Edge of Tomorrow as the best film this year just because it managed to sneak in that subtle but very dark ending under the guise of classic Hollywood

Veidt June 17th, 2014 at 2:45 pm

Yeah, that case can definitely be made, especially when you look at EoT vs. expectations for standard, giant-budget summer tentpoles, it wildly over-delivers…far more so than Grand Budapest vs. standard Wes Anderson expectations.

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