The 5 best music videos of 2013

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best music videos of 2013

It’s been kind of an amazing year for music videos. A case could probably be made that Spring Breakers and Only God Forgives, my two favorite films of 2o13, are more long-form music video than classic cinema…but that aside, each of these 5 videos offer superior eye candy and entertainment value over a good 95% of all the movie and teevee content i’ve absorbed since the calendar flipped.

Fully realize there’s another month+ to go in 2013, but felt like doing it nows, and barring some kind of thermodynamic miracle, this top 5 isn’t changing. Click through, if you’re so inclined.

5.) Spring Break Anthem (Two Ferns remix)  by The Lonely Island

YouTube Preview Image

Mostly because it’s kinda/sort-of a companion piece to the best movie of the year. Also, Ed Norton.

4.) Blue Velvet  by Lana Del Rey

YouTube Preview Image

Actually an ad for H&M, but as it features visuals synced to music, and the hottest girl on the planet embracing her innate Lynch-iness, i think it qualifies.

3.) How Long?  by How to Destroy Angels

YouTube Preview Image

If there’s a more anarchic, subversive, and liberating joy than hiking the hills and mountains in the dead of night, i’ve yet to experience it. This video captures that perfectly, and it’s a crime against art that it’s got less than 600,000 views.

2.) Came Back Haunted  by Nine Inch Nails

YouTube Preview Image

David Lynch directing Trent Reznor. The only surprise is that this is somehow not #1.

1.) Wishes  by Beach House

YouTube Preview Image

The best thing Eric Wareheim has ever been associated with? That’s insanely high praise, but it very well might be. God, if he can keep channeling Nicolas Winding Refn, with Ray Wise standing in for Ryan Gosling, as his muse…the world would be that much more worth living in.

This was my phone wallpaper for a good month…he even looks like Refn:

Eric Wareheim Wishes music video

3 Responses to “The 5 best music videos of 2013”

GalvaTRION November 26th, 2013 at 8:37 am

And funnily enough, the second I saw this topic I thought “David Lynch and NIN have this in the bag…” Imagine my surprise.

“A case could probably be made that Spring Breakers and Only God Forgives, my two favorite films of 2o13, are more long-form music video than classic cinema…”

That’s rather astute. I had previously been describing them as fever dream films, but I’m thinking ‘music video fever dream’ films is more apropos. More ‘good music videos’ than (as Faizon Love put it on a very amusing episode of Dinner for Five) “ass, Bently’s, cut. Ass, Bently’s, cut” music video-inspired films…

Thank you, Lonely Island, for stepping up to fill in the gap while Weird Al is off failing to get movies and TV shows made. I love you, Al, but you’re falling asleep at the wheel, man.

It’s nice to see Ray Wise getting work, and your observation of a De Niro/Scorsese, DiCaprio/Scorsese, Fat/Woo, Gosling/Refn coupling is… hilariously spot-on… but it’s also annoying being caught between my love of Ray Wise and my disdain of Eric Wareheim. He and Tim whatsisface have everyone thinking you can recreate accidental insanity and genuine weirdness ironically, and so I blame them directly for The Fox (What does the Fox say?) and other such bullshit.

Nothing to add vis a vis the How Long video, except to say that it’s quite beautiful and thanks for putting that in front of my eyeballs. Of the videos listed here, it’s my favorite.

MRR November 28th, 2013 at 3:08 am

Can’t really disagree with your list. I also thought Wishes was absolutely fantastic.

I also greatly enjoyed this video for Arcade Fire’s Afterlife. Significantly more subtle than the other entries on this list, but it’s very well-shot, not much of a “traditional” music video, and I found it quite evocative.

I often enjoy Anton Corbijn’s videos, but I wasn’t especially fond of his video for Reflektor. Some of the imagery was amazing, but some of it fell a bit flat for me.

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