“You can consider me the smartest man in the world…asshole.”

Posted August 18th, 2012 by Veidt & filed under Comics.

Ozymandias 2 Before Watchmen cover art Jae Lee

Not exactly a timely review, but just wanted to mention that the Ozymandias series from DC’s Before Watchmen event is astoundingly dope. That cover by Jae Lee for issue #2 may be my favorite piece of art in recent memory, and i suspect we’ll be ripping it off doing an homage. Lee’s interior art is just as gorgeous and ethereal, befitting the King of Kings. Len Wein has a firm grasp on who/what Adrian Veidt is, and utterly nails his voice. Sure he comes off as aloof and arrogant, but so did just about every person i ever met, screwing around at Harvard and Yale in my youth. There can be an almost alien quality to the intensely intelligent. It rings true.

Ozymandias Adrian Veidt Before Watchmen comic book art

That panel made me wish for an Ozymandias / Midnighter fight. Two guys who are essentially variations on Batman, both of whom can run all possible outcomes of a fight through their head before the first fist flies. They’d probably prefer to make out, though.

Also, i guess it’s a testament to the work of Zack Snyder and Matthew Goode that i can’t read Veidt’s monologues/ dialogue without hearing Goode. Anxiously anticipating the next issue!

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