Nude Jessica Biel Powder Blue caps leak everywhere, right on cue

Posted April 20th, 2009 by Veidt & filed under Jessica Biel.

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Powder Blue screener dvd rips leaked onto torrent sites over last Thursday/Friday, and as expected, nude screencaps of Jessica Biel are turning up all over the place. Check to see some of them.

I got to watch a standard def screener dvd on Thursday (I’m assuming this is what has hit the torrent sites, too…but the film is also being released blu-ray, and that’s probably the way to go, if you can wait.) Yes, she’s naked in a couple scenes, yes she looks astounding and yes, her routines are eye meltingly hot, but the movie is actually pretty good, too. Fairly complex, as far as ensemble dramas go, and far, far better than Crash, which it’ll inevitably be compared to (if anyone else actually bothers to watch the whole thing.) It’s not as good as this ytmnd, though…but then again, what is?

Powder Blue poster Jessica Biel dvd blu-ray movie stripper June 9 torrent leak April 16 2009

Powder Blue  is officially released on blu-ray and dvd on June 9th.

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