I no clean. I not clean.

Posted April 10th, 2009 by Veidt & filed under Tim & Eric Awesome Show.

Tim and Eric Awesome Show Great Job! I no clean Cinco urinal shower Me Me I'm a Tan Man tanman adult swim

Sunday night brings the 4th season finale of Tim and Eric Awesome Show, Great Job! This was rumored to be the final season for the show, but Adult Swim is just billing it as a season finale, so hopefully it comes back this year (after Awesomecon/SDCC?) Season highlights include this commercial for the Cinco urinal shower system, Back to Squall, Celebrity Zillions with John Depp, Whoopsie Goldberg and Tom Cruizes, All the food is poison with Pierre, and the guest shot by Tom Leykis (i never really listened to 97.1, but I do miss the fact that it no longer exists.)

Also, season 3 (the best of the series, so far) will be out on dvd August 4th. I want to make out with the artwork.

Tim and Eric Awesome Show Great Job! season 3 dvd August 4 2009 awesome con

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