New superheroine cosplay pics – Alt Batgirl(s) Virginia and Jessica

Posted February 24th, 2011 by Veidt & filed under cosplay.

Batgirl cosplay Veidt

New superheroine cosplay set featuring Virginia and Jessica as hipster alt versions of Barbara Gordon and Stephanie Brown Batgirl, respectively. Kind-of inspired by the character designs for the stillborn Gotham High animated series. Artistic license taken here (they never actually showed Babs in costume, afaik), which is not a concept embraced by some aspie-literalist cosplayers, so harsh wave shields are up.

Jessica Veidt cosplay

Feel free to disagree, but if i were going to run around rooftops, dispensing krav maga on criming thugs, psychos, and post-humans, i’d do it in American Apparel. Thought i was clever coming up with the design, but then i saw some chick wearing the exact same thing at the God Speed You! Black Emperor show, the other night. FFFffffffff.

alt Batgirl cosplay Veidt

More post-jump.Virginia Veidt Cosplay

Virginia cosplay

Alt Batgirl cosplay

Do kinda like the Stephanie Brown Batgirl, even if she’s infinitely less-than her predecessor, Cassandra Cain. Also, backing away from Steph’s War Games death was ultimate weak sauce, as Leslie Thompkins made one of the great Machiavellian plays in comics, and it cast Batman in a flawed and less than heroic light. Which he should be; it makes him infinitely more interesting </beating now 5 years dead horse.>

Jessica Veidt Batgirl cosplay Batgirl cosplay

Alt Batgirl cosplay pics

So where is Cassie? The azn supra-assassin Batgirl has long been one of my favorite characters, and is definitely on the t0-do list in the next month or so. Did i mention we may haveĀ  super secret special guest star shooting with us? I hope not, as it’s a secret.

Virginia Veidt cosplay

Virginia Veidt cosplay pics

Alt Batgirl cosplay Veidt

Virginia Veidt Batgirl cosplay

Just watched like 5 episodes in a row of Young Justice, prior to posting this, finally catching up on the series. Miss Martian is now also very much on the need-to-shoot-asap list. Hoping we get some iteration of Batgirl on there, atĀ  some point, as the Robin character is a bit unchill…especially in comparison to the darker/meaner/doper Superboy.

Jessica Veidt cosplay Batgirl

Alt Batgirl cosplay

Jessica cosplay

hipster Batgirl cosplay

Fingers crossed someone besides me likes this, as i’ve got another, sort-of similarly themed take on a classic super-heroine costume coming up.

Jessica Batgirl cosplay Veidt

Batgirl superheroine cosplay

Stephanie Brown Batgirl cosplay Batgirl cosplay

Jessica cosplay pics

Thanks Jessica and Virginia for playing dress-up.

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22 Responses to “New superheroine cosplay pics – Alt Batgirl(s) Virginia and Jessica”

Charley359 February 24th, 2011 at 5:25 pm

I cant say which lady I love the most. Both of them are fantastic and I have to give Jessica and Virginia each a perfect score of 10.

Thank you Sherry for another great photo set with two very beautiful ladies.

Tevin February 24th, 2011 at 7:47 pm

This is honestly my favorite! I like the fact that you got original with the way you put the costume together it put more of a stamp on it.

Do more photo shoots of this nature. It would be cool to see two ladies in the same shoot interacting with each other.

Brian March 10th, 2011 at 5:02 pm

Ok since they’ve been in JLA recently and Mattel is about to release an exclusive to Walmart of a 5 pack for them, how bout Superwoman from the Crime Syndicate?

Chris June 1st, 2011 at 12:30 pm

“The other one…hurts.”

Thank you so much for these sets, you two have amazing bodies, just right for these beautiful characters.

Obi May 12th, 2013 at 11:07 pm

OMG! I am in love!
I don’t know who the blonde girl is, but she is f**king HOT!!!!
The red-headed girl has really sexy poses.
I want a threesome with them.

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