Target exclusive Justice League Unlimited line is god-awesome

Posted October 16th, 2008 by Veidt & filed under Action Figures, Batman.

Target JLU 6 pack Silver Banshee The Key Mattel Atomic Skull

Julius Marx of AFI has shots of the 2 new, Target exclusive, Justice League Unlimited action figure 6 packs, up on his blog here.

One five pack is Batman plus five new villains [all of which I want, especially Silver Banshee(!!) and The Key -even if it isn’t the Grant Morrison Key], and the other has Superman with Deadman and Crimson Fox(!)…and three losers nobody likes.

JLU Crimson Fox Target 6 pack Mattel Deadman

All I need now are an Owl Man and a Prometheus, and I’ll be very happy. I’ll even knock off the evil vibes and imprecatory prayers I send Mattel’s way, for making almost all of their DC Universe Classics default ebay exclusives. I say almost, because I guess there’s always Frank & Sons.

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