because she’s getting an action figure: Wonder Woman as a Star Sapphire cosplay (part 1 of 2)

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Jessica veidt cosplay Wonder Woman Star Sapphire sexy costume

Man, we tried this costume twice, and i wasn’t even sure if i’d run these pics. While there’s marked improvement in the second set (to be posted soon), none of us were enthusiastic with the results. Especially compared to the other stuff currently being edited…but then DC Direct just announced the upcoming action figure of Wonder Woman as a Star Sapphire, and we figured what the hell. Commemorating her 5 minutes in the Violet Lantern Corps at the end of the Green Lantern centric company-wide crossover event, the figure is due November 3rd in wave 6 of their Blackest Night series.

So here’s the first shot at Violet Lantern Corps Wonder Woman…enjoy, i guess.

superheroine costume cosplay spandex Wonder Woman comic book

Here’s the promo pic of the new figure. I take some solace from the fact that it really doesn’t look that good, either. Maybe it’s just a tough costume to pull off?

Wonder Woman cosplay pic Star Sapphire Blackest Night DC Direct

Star Sapphire Wonder Woman DC Direct Blackest Night action figure

More after the jump.

Wonder Woman Violet Lantern Corps Star Sapphire Blackest Night DC

Showed these to a few people, and the responses read like the Repo Men reviews on Rotten Tomatoes. “What’s with the Burger King crown?” Uhh, i guess my fabrication and molding department was off that day. Or it’s a free site, and we have no budget. One of those. “The pics are so grainy.” Yeah, i noticed. Shooting indoors with a new camera (Sony cyber-shot TX1…it’s actually a pretty great camera) and insufficient light. Nobody’s pretending to be a professional photographer here, and i guess mistakes happen.

I do feel compelled to note that Repo Men is, in all actuality, fiercely brilliant and the best fucking movie of the year to date. Most of those RT reviewers have their heads firmly entrenched in their bums…in this case, though, the reviews are right.  The pictures do suck.

Blackest Night Brightest Day Green Lantern Star Sapphire cosplay

Jessica cosplay undressed Star Sapphire Wonder Woman

I do have to say the sculpt on the as yet unreleased Heroclix piece of Diana in the Violet Lantern Corps is actually pretty spectacular. Especially since it’s only like an inch high, and is better painted than most Hasbro action figures.

Wonder Woman Star Sapphire heroclix

Jessica cosplay undressed Star Sapphire Wonder Woman

Wonder Woman cosplay violet lantern corps Star Sapphire DC comics post-human entertainment

post-human entertainment post-human entertainment

post-human entertainment cosplay

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10 Responses to “because she’s getting an action figure: Wonder Woman as a Star Sapphire cosplay (part 1 of 2)”

Charley March 26th, 2010 at 1:57 pm

I’m having a huge lusting moment. Jessica is totally hot, IN or OUT of any costume. Cant wait for part 2.

M May 30th, 2010 at 4:16 pm

i love watching Glee. Sometimes i sing and dance along with the characters…it’s almost like having real friends! I guess you could call me a proud Gleek.

CMS March 15th, 2011 at 1:31 pm

Hi there. I just visited the site. I must say that
the outit is nice, but the idea of her stripping is so sick. I know that her body is hidden, but stripping on camera, the pics of the stripping is offensive and disgusting, you are giving Wonder Woman a very bad rap! You oughta be ashamed of yourself! I hate any kind of porn. please clean up the act. I will admit, the suit is nice, but not ths stipping.

Miwa March 20th, 2011 at 1:41 pm

I hope this to be a joke!
First…thats a stripper suit…not a Star dont call it “costume”… like if me wearing blue pantys call myself Wonder woman…
you have a nice body but…this is offensive D=
specially for ppl who work on a Costume…sew it by themselfs…and make the headpice RIGTH!

evenflow April 10th, 2011 at 1:51 am

Wow some people are nuts. Keep doing your thing. I think the photos are awesome. CMS and MIWA (I assume you are the same person because neither of you can spell for shit) if you don’t like it…then don’t come to the fucking site!

Also they can’t give Wonder Woman a bad name…she isn’t real morons!

Plus did you see the chick? She couldn’t give anyone a bad name!

kishagi May 8th, 2011 at 3:12 pm

@ Miwa: then you could at least spell ‘Right’ right.

It seemed close enough for me, and ive got to say that the sensuality of this set is overpowering

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