State of the Gallifrey music scene

Posted August 5th, 2009 by Veidt & filed under Doctor Who.

Do me a favor, yeah? Listen to Uprising, the first single off United States Of Eurasia by Muse, embedded below. Does it remind you of anything? And by “remind”, i mean does it come as close to a direct pilfering of various iterations of the Doctor Who theme as it possibly could, while still potentially legally defensible as homage/tribute/whatever.

Odd. I do like Muse. I loved the second Watchmen trailer that incorporated their Take a Bow. This has me a bit vexed, though. If you’re going to borrow like that, why not just say you’re covering the theme, and eliminate any shysty implications? Orbital did that, and created this work of excellence that’s been flash-burned into my zune…

And if we’re going to talk Doctor inspired/evocative songs, i don’t know if anything will ever touch Nine Inch Nails’ Beside You in Time, from their 2005 album With Teeth. Came out right around the time i was halfway through torrenting the first new season of Doctor Who, so the two are pretty inextricably linked in me head.

…and yeah, i used the Eccleston Doctor pic because we’re like 36 hours away from seeing him play Destro, and i haven’t been this fucking excited over a movie all summer!

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3 Responses to “State of the Gallifrey music scene”

DoubleUK October 3rd, 2010 at 11:18 am

Another influence can also be heard on Muse’s ‘Uprising’.
The synth ‘octave’-riff cannot be more similar to the one in ‘Demon’s Eye’ from Deep Purple.
And then there’s the ‘Call me’ / Blondie reference in the guitar-riff…

But I like the song, anyway.

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